11/13/23 - FBM "Ship by Date" bug - Known issue to Seller Support


I had a bunch of orders with a ship by date of Saturday yet I’ve had weekends disabled in shipping settings for over a year. Seller Support said they know of the issue and just enter tracking as usual. Good way to wake up fast this morning haha.


SS knows about virtually EVERY issue and it still takes so long to fix things that it is obviously being handled by a committee.



Goes along well with the changing production dates I had on the 9th.
After I missed the first shipping date on the 10th, I spent all weekend getting a custom order made so I could get it out today “on time”. :face_with_spiral_eyes: Of course that only tells Amazon that I can do 2 days on that item. They’ll ignore the fact that I had to “sweat shop” myself to do it and during the week I don’t have that “feature” available.

They are making a mess of everything with too much AI modifications to things.

Just curious, do you use the shipping template automation?

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There have been created today a couple of discussions on this topic over in the NSFE, so I’m guessing that this is pretty widespread:



@Rand thanks for the heads up! Amazon taking responsibility, quickly, for any issue is newsworthy and sanity-saving. Thanks for helping keep the daily panic of selling on Amazon to a snafu level.

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Just ran across two more discussions:



In the second one, the OP states that this has been happening to them for the past two weeks…

There are few things in life that I actually hate - but the annual Glitchmas Season is one of them.


A reply sent them here:

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Is it @maintak who says that they assume every “option” will one day be made a requirement? :thinking:

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Yes. And Maintak stands by this.

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I don’t think the issue has anything to do with Prime offers because I don’t have anything like that enabled. I’ve NEVER shipped on Saturdays.


I agree, it does not. But look at KJ out here… :roll_eyes:

Replies to KJ’s post:

With seller support, I tend to assume that they are lying until proven otherwise. (Such a stance is cruel, perhaps, but justified given their track record.)

Would it be less work for them if they say that it is new to them, or is it less work if they say they alreaddy know about it? I contend that saying that they know about it allows them to get you off of the phone faster.

Ugh :woman_facepalming:

KJ isn’t processing that this issue has occurred for multiple Sellers, on multiple Saturdays–not just Nov 11.

And Troy might just be a keyword bot, with his lack of grasping the fulsomeness of posts.

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Update: Seller Support reversed any negative shipping metrics on my account from those dates. Yay!


Wonderful news! Sounds like KJ and Troy either need to be thanked or made aware, not sure which. :smirk:

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