15,000 Sellers Drive Half of Amazon's 3P GMV

I agree with Jeffcock.

I hate Amazon and we are in the 100K order club. With that said, we are low-ring so really not in the cool crew.


But we assume by virtue of your continued posts, love the paycheck and us… :grinning:

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Hating Amazon is commonplace among those who sell on Amazon, have sold on Amazon or compete with the Amazon marketplace for sales.

Walmart was hated by most of its vendors, especially the small vendors for many years. And they like many Amazon sellers continued to business with them because there was no reliable replacement for the channel.


There is a difference in hating the place and understanding that you need them.

We hate dealing with Amazon, but acknowledge we would probably go out of business without them.


Same here, but, as the others have said… we obviously like the :dollar: more than we disklike Amazon :wink:

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