2 accounts under the same address?

I recently moved from Oregon to Florida and discovered that Oregon doesn’t allow address changes for businesses. As a result, I need to close my Oregon business and start a new one in Florida. Despite my concerns about the risks involved, the introduction of the “INFORM Consumers Act” makes it seem like the right time to proceed.

Currently, I have two seller accounts, each with its own bank account, EIN, and address.

My question is whether it’s possible to have both seller accounts registered under my registered agent address in Florida.

Thank you

I would research that more. I have a company that was incorporated in Georgia in 2001 and they do not allow you to change the registered agent to an address outside of Georgia. When I moved to Florida in 2003, I filed an Application by Foreign Corporation for Authorization to Transact Business in Florida (form CR2E007) along with a Certificate of Existence and have the company registered in Florida as a Foreign Profit Corporation. Business name, EIN, etc remain the same. The only additional step in having it set up with way is that I have to file annual reports in both Georgia and Florida.

I don’t see how that would matter, as many companies use third-party companies as their registered agent and those agents are registered on multiple unrelated companies.


@SA_FL I realized that I didn’t mention earlier that I registered my Oregon-based company as a “foreign LLC” in Florida, and I do file reports in both states.

Do you think it would cause any issues if both companies has the same address and suite #?

I mean if one gets suspended the other could also be suspended due to having identical addresses, amongst other data points.

So yes, it could be an issue.

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Unfortunately, the other WOULD get suspended. I own 2 businesses with different partners and 2 accounts. They are separated in every way, including address, bank, cc, EIN but that wouldn’t matter anyway. If one goes down, the other one is toast bc I am the primary operator of both accounts.

The OP’s situation is a little more tricky. If there’s a professional out there that deals with these sorts of things, that’s where I would look to for help. A little money now might save a lot of heartache later.

Good Luck @Petunic


Do you mean it would be better to pay for a new registered agent address and have it listed under a different suite number just to be safe?

Does anyone know if I can use my registered agent address as my business address on Amazon?

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I use a registered agent address for Amazon as USPS won’t deliver to my warehouse (long store about fraud from another tenant). As long as that address matches the address for your the IRS and your state business/revenue department it shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve done it for about 8 years as I don’t want to use my home address and USPS not delivering to my warehouse means I can’t use that.

One note on using registered agent addresses, make sure in advance that they will receive and scan/forward mail to you. I had this issue with my previous one because they would only scan mail that looked “official” like from a government agency. When Amazon sent out the address verification card, they refused to do anything with it. Needless to say I got rid of them quickly but a change of address in the middle of the verification certainly didn’t expedite that process. It all worked out but check in advance about how registered agents handle mail as it can save you a headache later.

Also, did you check with Florida about moving your business to Florida? I moved my business from state to state and the new state allowed me to move the company “as is” from the old state. In other words according to state records, my business was incorporated in the new state the same date as company was formed in the old state. All I had to show them was the initial incorporation paperwork, and a “good standing” decree from the old state (I think it cost $5). After that was accepted, I just had to show them that I closed the company in the old state and I was active in the new state.

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Thank you so much for the helpful tip

Have you obtained a new EIN for the new business in Florida, or has it remained the same? To be honest, I’m feeling a bit apprehensive about making all these changes

I didn’t move to/from Florida so I really don’t know their laws. Go the the Florida department of state website, look for business information and give them a call to see if this can be done. I couldn’t find it online on their site but I didn’t look that hard either.

If you can “transfer” your company to Florida, you don’t need a new EIN. You should call the IRS to change the address for your company though. It’s an easy ten minute phone call and they will mail you a confirmation letter that you can use to prove your new address.

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There should be no need for a new EIN, EIN’s are obtained from the Federal Govt and the address can be changed.

This sounds like exactly the job a Registered Agent is hired to handle. What has your Registered Agent said?

I’ll be reaching out to my CPA and registered agent on Monday


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@Petunic can you update?

The change of address won’t have a significant impact on tax matters.
The only solution is to establish a new business in Florida with a new EIN and address, and subsequently close the existing one in Oregon.
However, at present, I will maintain the current setup to avoid the time-consuming process of verifying the change with Amazon.

I’m ok with paying the annual fee for Oregon.

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