$22M a year listing gone.... (not ours)

This BS brand is part of a brand holding company specializing in BS brands. This DPL trading brand holding company is the one that’s manufacturing in Wuhan and claiming to be made here. It’s packaged here but the bulk (powder / pills) are made in China. Proven with rock solid evidence and Jimmy cracked corn and Amazon doesn’t care.

Link to the current dog page (been yanked for a week now).

Link to the article showing just how messed up supplements are on Amazon. You’ll note that Innate is on this, as is Naturebell and Deal Supplements. All 3 are held by DPL.

This item was doing $60K per day (3300 units) and now it’s not. I won’t be fooled into thinking that Amazon gives a crap about anything beyond money but it’s interesting to see this go and be gone for so long considering it’s magnitude. It is labeled illegally and when tested at Eurofins, came up with a little over half the elemental magnesium that was on the label.

I’m starting to really settle into the idea that we will not be able to make Amazon work for us much longer sadly. There’s too much dirty there and we can’t and won’t play that game.

Every time we start to grow nicely again, something happens or we get our AC badge whacked and lose it to the same shaderific brand that’s more expensive and has a lower star rating. Nobody can make sense of it, including SAS but they won’t do anything about it. Our badge was resurrected on Easter and was taken away on May 9th (April 9th - May 9th). That badge increases our sales 42%. Based on that timing it almost feels like Amazon is spreading it around and meeting the requirements to have it doesn’t mean a thing. Pay to play. They spend far more than we do on PPC. It’s all whacked. I’m tired of taking 42% pay cuts and lining Amazon’s filthy pockets.


Algos programmed to skew results should be illegal.

we will not be able to make Amazon work for us much longer

Where will you go? Does it look like Walmart will approach Amazon volume? Of course, if you don’t have to spend on lost FBA and SAS support, you’ll save some money there. Frankly I’m shocked the FDA isn’t checking into those brands. Walmart probably has had to vet brands for years for their brick and mortar locations. You’d think after the trouble with tainted children’s products Amazon would be more careful with other regulated products.

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Back to work for someone I guess. Too old for this nonsense. Fraud wins.

BTW… We are knocking off that item that got whacked but using Albion Gold Medal material to differentiate as a premium option. Last shot at things… It was already in the works.

We are also having very expensive videos produced for our listings (already in the works).

Can’t stop yet because it’s too late to scrap the above so let’s hope they make a big difference.

We will get our badge back but then it will go again. We are holding so much inventory at FBA to maintain AC. Not worth it. That’s what the issue supposedly was… Time to home. No it wasn’t I guess.

Who cares.

As far as wally world goes. It’s promising and zero work / ■■■■■■■■. Like ship inventory and collect disbursements. Truly passive.

We are working with Bazaarvoice to load up on reviews for WM which isn’t cheap but gotta try. That was an enormous PITA to set up but it’s done and we should be done shipping the inventory to the reviewers by 5/23.


Well if Amazon did our lives would be much easier.
I hope your new changes can turn things around - and that you see more garbage listings going to the dogs!


Not going to happen. It’s just not. If Amazon got rid of all the fraud in just my category it would cost them $1B a year min when PPC was taken into consideration. That estimate could be quite low.

I would estimate that 90% of brands you never heard of in my category are selling complete junk.

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That article about NOW’s testing needs to be published on a big site that many consumers see.

I have had trouble finding OTC liquid guaifenesin only, without added ingredients. My son suggested I check Amazon and I thought no way would I trust some unknown brand from there after what I’ve learned from you.

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NOW Foods should be commended for what they have done. This is nothing new, they have been doing it for years across the category but it never gets beyond industry publications.

They also got Amazon’s ridiculous ban in NAC reversed. Feel bad for all those brands that lost all of their inventory because of it. That’s the only time that I can remember that Amazon reversed course on something. They may be a bit of a thorn of sorts in Amazon side because they are showing how screwed up things are there. With that said, they still have very nice, very profitable VC 1P relationship with them. Money always wins.

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If the FTC & FDA cared (which it seems not much), Amazon would care more. What good are regulations and laws if those who are supposed to enforce and uphold them won’t?

I’m pretty sure this is intentional, kind of like how certain members of Congress have been trying to neuter IRS enforcement.

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By giving them $2.3 million of ammunition, $1.2 million worth of ballistic shields, $474,000 in Smith & Wesson rifles, $463,000 of Beretta 1301 tactical shotguns and $243,000 of body armor vests?

That isn’t the way I’d go about a castration…


I mean, the figure was for 2021. So, given their 2021 budget, ($12.039 billion), that would be 0.08% of the budget. Allegedly needed since they do a fair amount of enforcement involving organized crime / etc., but I think everyone knows that the IRS agents aren’t showing up to a scene unless all realistic threats have already been neutralized days or weeks prior.

Regardless, the last line of that article illustrates my point perfectly, "House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has derided the proposed hires as the “Democrats’ army of 87,000 IRS agents.”

Laughing at arming the accountants, when you already have a perfectly good U.S. Marshalls, FBI, U.S. Secret Service, DCIS, ATF, DEA, U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement & Investigations, NOAA-OLE, Postal Inspectors, NSA, DACP, United States Marine Corps Civilian Police, ED-PSD, DOE Federal Protective Forces, NIH DP, Federal Reserve Police, BIA Police, USBR Security Response Force, USCG, USDA-APHIS, BOP, Amtrak Police Department (I’ll stop now, because there are over 135 Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and Police Forces) is not the same thing as neutering.


I agree, it’s a hilarious waste of money.

Regardless, my point stands that even though we have laws and regulations in place, when it comes time to actually enforce, our elected officials always find reasons to politicize and avoid. In the IRS example, I’ve read numerous articles about the short-staffing - to the point where most agents that handle auditing do so on mid to low earners since it’s “easier” and they can actually complete the investigations. Higher income earners and corporations regularly avoid auditing due to the complexity of their filings and the ability of their lawyers and accountants to tie things up for years.


And the problem is more and more consumers understand that, and avoid your category (or most health stuff) on amazon completely. Or only buy if “sold by amazon” even though we all know that’s a crap shoot too.

Oh I don’t know…
Maybe change the tax code instead of passing out guns and body armor.


I try to buy directly from manufacturers when possible, and I avoid buying from brands I have never heard of unless I have a recommendation I trust. When it comes to things that go in my body, I am even more careful.


For my main product, we have the highest ration of star ranking to reviews (881 reviews, 4.8) of any brand in the category.

We never appear on the highest rated items.
I see products with 14 reviews, products with a ranking of 3.5. It’s frustrating/ridiculous. But oh well.

My main competitor has duplicated listings of his products, and has been advertising them at $12 per word (product is around $40) profit per product is not $12… I’m convinced that they have dynamic bids up, and don’t know it.
Anyway, they have all the children duplicated and advertise them hard. So when you type the keyword, all you see is them except 2-3 other products. It’s super annoying/frustrating. Not to mention violates amazon rules and the whole idea of a same product not clogging the results. But alas, Amazon doesn’t do anything, and I’m not too eager to draw attention to the products, let’s Amazon decide to add an Amazon Basic version.

Point is, amazon only cares about one thing, and doesn’t bother to correct broken rules if there’s money involved. And I (and many a better seller) simply refuse to lose money stupidly, so I’ll sell a bit less than the other guy, but 1) I’m not breaking rules, 2) I’m bringing a profit.

I agree with you. Innate Vitality must have done something really bad to be yanked and still yanked… $60K a day. That’s real money for Amazon gone. With that said, that subcategory is so saturated, the sales just shifted to other sellers.

That begs the question - why not clean things up. That will ultimately benefit Amazon with higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. It will also lead to a more streamlined FBA operation with less inventory to manage. Think of it as a sku rat without actually giving up any sales.

I’m sure it comes down to advertising revenue. That’s where Amazon makes their $ in reality.

The more suckers you have trying to compete / advertise to be relevant in search, the better it really is for Amazon.

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These are the people you reported through SAS - you think that had something to do with it?


But as far as YoY trends go…it’s still a small part of everyones’ revenue so how would that work? Are you going DTC then? And keep amazon alive but not as a primary sales channel?

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