3.2 Million Toy Recall - Calico Critters

That article confuses me. The company is aware of two deaths - one in 2015 and one in 2018, and they’re announcing a recall in 2023? Surely there must have been something else that triggered the recall now.

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The wheels of government turn slowly,

Amazon was still selling the recalled items at the end of 2021. (If not later).

Unfortunately, any thoughts which come to my mind about reasons for a delay could be viewed as being either political or a conspiracy theory or both.


The CPSC announcement says…

Epoch Everlasting Play LLC is aware of three incidents involving the pacifier accessory, including two deaths. One fatal incident involved a 2-year-old child in 2018 in New Mexico, and the other fatal incident involved a 9-month-old child in 2015 in Japan (with a pacifier accessory distributed by Epoch Japan).

I suspect that the third non-death incident was much more recent and removed any lingering doubt about the two deaths.

Or perhaps the third strike is the CPSC threshold for choking hazards?

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#Recall @VRURCStore portable chargers; fire hazard; caught fire on commercial flight; 4 flight attendants injured. Get replacement. CONTACT: 951-593-9128 collect, [email protected], https://t.co/pse0Htffpn, https://t.co/8O8gJsWmqPhttps://t.co/t5tOFT0wgA pic.twitter.com/jQ9Z1exelp

— US Consumer Product Safety Commission (@USCPSC) July 6, 2023

The only place VRURC sold the chargers was Amazon’s website, it said.

:thinking: I wonder if Amazon is rethinking the number of Amazon exclusives…


Thats what you get for naming your toys after an abandoned silver mine ghost town!

Sorry, a little local humor.

Hilarious jokes aside, its incredibly anxiety-provoking to know Amazon “allows” things on their platform that can he hazardous to our children. Like that makeup kit that contained asbestos.

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