3 Day Handling Time

Setting all my items to 3 day handling time saved me this week I was in the hospital for 2 days, I got out and was able to suffer through s/h but got all my orders out in time. This is why I don’t shorten up my handling time, I feel it is great the customer got their order 12.5 days early. Like most things happen in life this happened to me unexpectedly my condition went from normal to serious at a 1000mph and I was in the hospital. I am hopefully OK now but still feel week, I finally ate a can of soup today.


hope you feel better.


Oh no @1Goodbye , I hate to hear this! I’m so sorry for the hospital stay but grateful for your improvement, which I hope continues speedily. :pray: Hopefully, eating a bit more will build your strength back up. Thanks for the handling time tip.


Get Well Soon :pray:


Glad you made it out OK and are on the mend. Agreed it is good to have a little extra cushion. My FBA items show at least a week in most instances and I can usually beat that even with a 2 day production time.


Please, continue to recover.

Back in March of 2020 I put my seller account on vacation from the hospital ER.

I had a three day handling time at that point.

The handling time issue is such a part of the AZ culture, it was a reason why when I turned things back on, I chose Ebay as a venue, and used a 5 day handling time and only economy shipping.

No one needs what I sell. If it arrives in a week or two weeks it does not matter to anyone other than customers I really could not care about.

I have long delivery times, usually ship the same or next days, and my customers are happily surprised.

There comes a point when Amazon might not be the best venue for some of us who have a life, want a life, and have to act to protect our life.


God(s)peed :smirk:

:palms_up_together:t3: :prayer_beads:


Godspeed on your recovery. Prayers to you and your family.

In normal times now we have our handling time set to 1-2 days for items that are not custom. Custom items are set for 3 days.

I am so annoyed at Amazon Emails saying we have a deficiency in our shipping. Referring to how we get things to customers quicker. So much so, I want to do a FAQ post on it when the forum opens.


I know just what you mean. One hand admonishes you for not over-promising, and the other slaps you down if anything goes wrong.

The really alarming part of that is that they have declared they may change your default handling at will.

That should be sacred. Or at least – choose an accepted value and it should be left alone.


And they have. Pretty alarming, yes.

A speedy and complete recovery.


Forget this year, I’d like this decade to be over pretty bad.


It sucks that instead of being able to devote 100% of your energy to recovering, that you have to devote any time to something that doesn’t care. I get it and everything, but still.

Speedy recovery!


Feel better!

We try to keep ours @ 2-3.
Everytime we move to 1 something unexpected happens.

So I like having the flexibility.
And customers never complain when they get something earlier than expected.

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