400 Bad Request

Is Seller Central down for everyone else, too?

No issues here

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Nope. They just don’t like YOU today! :grin::grin:

I just printed out a couple orders so I can get them shipped out today yet.

Mine hasn’t had any ‘issues’ for a few days.

It’s better now.

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How, OK I get the 400 error. What I am talking about is again they change the Seller Central Home page. If they spent as much time fixing real issues, it would be a much better channel for all of us.


Amazon had announced that the new Seller Central Home page was going to be the norm as of August 25th. We have been using it for a while. At first we were iffy on it but then learned a few of the features and have grown to like it now that it is less of a beta thing.

If you are new, the best thing is being able to build a menu bar across the top of your most used links. Just open the 3 bar menu on the left and, when you see one you visit all of the time, click the little bookmark type icon on the right and it will appear in your sub menu across the top under like the search bar.

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