A new catalog bot initiative, request approval to use brand name in a listing

I brought the product to Amazon, created the listing 3 years ago and am the only seller (I have exclusive authorization from the manufacturer).

Somehow a single capital F appeared at the end of the title - which made no sense. I hit edit to fix the title and was instantly met with this error:

The brand name was already there, I did not try to edit that, could not edit anything due to the error. 3 years of selling the product already, now they want to approve the brand. I had to watch a short video about how to take pictures to submit for approval, and upload 2 pictures of the product in my hand or on a table.

I’ve had to request approval to sell brands before, but not to use a brand name in a listing. This is a new one for me.

My Catalog Authorization application status is Under review, Expected decision date: Jun 26, 2023. I hope my listing stays active over the weekend.

So now brands need approval. Not brand registry, just approval that the brand name matches the product photo. Not sure what that proves in this case, the item photo is already on the page and clearly shows the brand name on the label.

I guess there are plenty of ‘brand’ items without labels or packaging and that aren’t really brands. Maybe this will clean out some of the exactly-the-same Alibaba stuff sold under hundreds of ‘brand’ names?

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This has been going on for sometime. It use to be referred to as error 5665. When our brand was hijacked, the first thing we had to do was go through this process. Then, we had to do the brand registry and a few more hoops to get our brand name corrected on the listings.

We have supplied this link to many which is probably the one you watched …
Resolve error 5665


This is the first time I have encountered it, and I was not creating a new listing. The listing was created 3 years ago.

That is not the video I had to watch, it was very short, how to take the photos to submit for proof. It said enrolling in brand registry is an option but not required so I hope I don’t have to jump through that hoop. I don’t own the brand.

I recently had to recover a different brand name from a page hijacking and did not have to go through that process. The hijacker initially filed a false IP infringement before completing the hijacking so maybe that made the recovery process different for me than it was for you.

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But …

Amazon may be looking to make sure you have permission / authorization. Hopefully, your exclusive authorization is written for you to be able to provide Amazon if requested.

Many things have changed since we went through it so that is all together possible.

Let us know how this ends up for you.


Yes, it is.

Thank you, I will. :+1:

I’m used to the approvals that are instant,so this is a new experience for me.

Fortunately my offer is still live for the weekend.

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All is well. I received the response today:

We have completed our review and concluded that your brand meets our criteria for approval.


I posted a while ago about having this problem when whoever listed the item left the brand blank. Amazon pulled the details page because the brand was missing, but then when I tried to update it I got error 5665.

Amazon has realized there are catalog problems, but has no idea what to do about them. This is the result.

In this case, I created the page with the correct brand filled in, and it has been fine for 3 years. I hit the edit button to correct something else and instantly got that error. Not sure what triggered it.

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This is what always happens when Amazon changes the rules. They don’t tell you and you find out with the inability to edit a listing or the inability to edit a listing unless you add the latest and greatest thing they want to it.

I suspect you will be OK once you go through the motions. I wouldn’t sweat it. It’s just one of those thousands of nits you have to pick off yourself as an Amazon Selling “Partner”.

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Yup, this is exactly what happened. I’ve experienced their surprises before, just not this particular one. At least they kept the page active and searchable so I continued to get orders until their approval yesterday.


It just dawned on me that this is the page that was hijacked 3 times earlier this year, the brand approval requirement could be related to that history.

False IP complaint as preparation for PDP hijacking


I’m finding the Selling Applications for Catalog Authorization is unreliable.

Once screen Says Declined but when you go to the case they say your approved.
We were unable to List Suave, but now we can. So what is said in the case is what is happening compared to the Application Page

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