A refreshing change from the Woe is Me, Amazon done me wrong posts

I couldn’t believe the story when I read it. Someone actually took responsibility for doing RA and getting booted. ALMOST hope they get another chance but I doubt that they will.

Saying goodbye and goodluck

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Actually they are wrong. They were not caught for RA. They were caught for selling used as new. Purchased at a church sale is not new.

But your right, that is refreshing to read, but I feel it is a last ditch woe is me effort to get Amazon’s attention.


They didn’t say if they sold it as used or new but I would guess as new since Amazon asked for invoices.

In either case they knew they were taking a risk and went with it anyway. It may just be wishful thinking but I’m seeing so many suspensions that I get the feeling Amazon is definitely tightening the screws A LOT.

There was a recent pretty blunt message from Blake_Amazon about sourcing on an Adidas ungating issue –

I found it really interesting that the ‘other thread’ that he referred to was all about RA and NONE of the MODS had responded there…


This is the type of situation where some of the misunderstanding and abuse of Amazon’s policies is due to language issues (and not cultural or ethical issues, as in other cases), as evidenced by many of the replies to the NSFE OP.

I believe this surrounds the word “allow”.

For ever, there have been forum and social media questions about whether RA is “allowed” on Amazon.

  • RA is allowed under the translation of “allow” as present, extant, does occur. I can testify, having done some RA on Amazon myself.
  • RA is not allowed, as in permitted or encouraged.

So many users point to other active RA offers or other active Sellers whose model is RA, as proof that “Amazon allows RA.” :roll_eyes:

My recommendation is that we who know best move away from “allow” and start saying things like:

  • RA is incompatible with Amazon’s current supply chain documentation requirements (because any RA item might have been bought at retail and then returned, without the Seller’s knowledge).
  • RA fails to meet Amazon’s current standards for quality control (because the Seller can not verify literally anything).
  • RA is unlikely to go undetected for long (due to Amazon’s automated processes for investigating authenticity and condition complaints from Buyers and authorized resellers. NOTE: Amazon does not require a Buyer complaint to launch an investigation for counterfeit or USAN items.).
  • RA is technically possible but not permitted.

These statements use language that is less susceptible to interpretation or translation issues.


“it was clearly sealed by the manufacturer.”

Edit, so I would guess their POA did not properly address this, otherwise they could have had another shot. It is hard to write a POA when you don’t understand the policy you violated

So many sheep being led to the slaughter by the RA apologists. There were more responses today. Sadly, they are not wrong and it will take years/decades for Amazon to clean house (if they intend to).

From today

Part of my response is here –

Serious questions since so many of you guys (generic term!) have a lot more experience with the machinations of Amazon than I do.

Am I imagining things or is Amazon actually being more active in suspending RA sellers currently than in the past?

AND since they a very unlikely to actually put ‘NO RA’ in writing in their policies could they be forced to gate everything as a result of the legal changes stripping them of their (incorrectly) perceived immunity for ‘improperly acquired’ sales?

If you ARE merely imagining that you’ve seen a marked shift in exactly that direction in recent times, I’ll eat my hat.

Either they are suspending more (since before NSFE) or those who they are suspending are getting louder

I’m a BIT denser than normal tonight since I took a spill at the Renaissance Faire yesterday and tried to crack my head open.

I’m having a hard time deciding if you think I am delusional or if you think they may be more active – or something in between.

I went over backwards off a narrow seat and planted my skull on the plank behind me. A nice lady came over to check on me. She was either an employee or someone who merely wanted to rub the head of a old guy — not sure which was the case… :laughing:

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I will state unequivocally that I do not believe you’re delusional in having noticed an uptick.

It’ll take more than a backwards tumble from yonder McFeasting board, whilst occupied in a pursuit of joie de vivre, to crack yer noggin, methinks…


On that score you are correct. I have had my fair share of run ins with hard objects over the years.

For some reason my state never considered the ramifications of mixing 18 year old ‘beer bars’ with a bunch of drunken hotheads when many of them were headed off to 'Nam.

Crash, smash, ouch…