A-Z Claim Question

I recently charged a 100% restocking fee on a returned item because the customer returned the wrong item. It is not even an item we sell. As part of the return, I uploaded photos of the item we shipped before we sealed up their package, and then a picture of the item returned to show they are different (different manufacturer, color, etc).

The customer just opened an A-Z claim. It is not requiring me to submit any information at this time, but I do have the option to respond to Amazon. Should I respond with the wrong item returned details? Or does this just muddy the waters?

Thanks for your help.

For most AtoZ claims, I submit the useful information anyway. I don’t trust Amazon employees to do any kind of research, regardless of how clear the issue is. Just be sure not to upload anything extraneous or contradicting to information already available, in case they do check.


Thanks very much. I suspect the customer purchased my item to replace his broken item that is another brand altogether. His return was broken, used, and dirty. And then the nerve to file an A-Z.

I know…this is AZ…this happens.

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Buyers swap things out with their old stuff all the time.
I once got back a pressure relief valve with a date code from 1974.
Someone once bought 5 actuator motors and swapped out the cases on their old ones. It was pretty easy to tell the motors had been opened, and 8 seconds with a screwdriver later we confirmed that the new cases with the current date codes had been swapped onto the old motors.
I have an order on my desk I need to file a SAFE-T claim for where the buyer swapped out a new circulator pump for their old one from 2001.
My personal favorite is the buyer who purchased a $550, 25lb item and returned a piece of paper that said “WOW, BAD! scam you stealer!” then filed an AtoZ claim over the 100% restocking fee.


This needs to be carved in stone and bolted to all our desks!

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Did you complete this step?

Wrong item returned by buyers

Sometimes buyers mistakenly return a different item than the one they purchased from you. If this happens, contact the buyer to do the following:

  • Let them know that they may have accidentally returned the wrong item.
  • Ask them if they would like you to return the item to them.
  • Inform them that they can return the correct item for a refund.

If the buyer indicates that they would like the wrong item back, consider sending it back to them. If the buyer indicates that they received the wrong item initially, consider giving them the benefit of the doubt.

If not I don’t know how it will affect the A-z claim. I would still do it and you can let the Rep know to view Buyer-Seller Messaging for additional info/proof.

It’s important to let the customer know they may have made a mistake and you will refund according to policy once the correct item is returned and you will ship their item back if they provide a prepaid return label.

The restocking fee section only allows 2 photos so I also recommend attaching any additional photos, including a photo of the return shipping label still attached to the box to strengthen your case.
(shipping label is a requirement when filing a Safe-T claim so it would be good to include it)

I use photoshop to make a montage of the various photos. I have a photo of the original item going out with their packing slip and shipping label in the picture. I take a photo of the returned item next to the return box, return packing slip, and any packing materials.

I use the 2nd photo for close-ups to show the differences in the original product vs. the returned product. I will use text and highlights to draw attention to specific differences.

This way I am able to include 4-6 images and plenty of detail.

Funny enough, I just got a return from another customer and again they returned a competitor’s product. Amazon RFS’d this one, so I have to submit a Safe-T claim.


Did you message the customer?

I did on the original post / case above. The message came through a seller support agent. The benefit here is I can add multiple attachments showing they clearly returned the wrong item. No response yet.

Since the 2nd one is a repeat buyer, and was already refunded via RFS, I’ll just submit a Safe-T claim.

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It’s good that you have such great photos!!

Please keep us posted.


Update - the customer sent me another return - this time with the correct item. So I reached out the customer and let her know that I have both items, and that if she has a return label for the other item, to send it to me and I’ll ship it out for her.

I figure I may receive an extra charge from USPS for a label being used twice.

The upside is I got a free peek into what our competition is currently doing on their similar product.



That’s awsome!! Thanks for the update.

Amazon granted the A-Z claim, but covered the cost and did not count it against me. Interesting business model - reward customers who attempt to defraud 3P sellers on your marketplace.

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It’s cheaper to take the loss then pay someone to actually investigate and decide


That is one of my pet peeves, it just continues the cycle of fraud and also increases word of mouth that they got free stuff or how they were able to beat the system… :persevere:

It’s bittersweet, it’s good that the funds did not come from you, but customers should be held accountable.