Account Level Reserve on all amazon market places

Hi, actually I have an account level reserve for all sales on the market places USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Australia.
Sometimes such a reserve will be set in a specific %-rate, but never for all sales.
My credit card for charges has expired end of December, but was already updated with the new exp. date in January.
That was done several days ago and the new exp. date is also shown in my accounts.
But until today, there was no change in any market place at this reserve.
All accounts are also healty, no problem with ODRs.

Has anybody made some experiences with such account level reserves?
I also don´t know, whether the change of the exp. date has caused that reserve.
And if that was the reason and which was solved, does anybody know how long that reserve will be hold?

Thanks in advance.

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Assuming everything else is in order, then you will have to wait until the next disbursement scheduled for your accounts.

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You might also be sure the card is in the buyer side first. There have been cases where not having it there has caused “issues” but on Amazon everything causes those anyway…


Hi @Toys, I do suspect that Amazon just finally detected the lag in card expiry and placed the holds, even though the card has already been updated. Some things take a bit of time to work through Amazon’s systems. And I believe as @Tvoi stated, that you are in a payment pause until no sooner than the next scheduled disbursement, unfortunately.

Is this same card used in all five of the affected marketplaces?

Do you have other marketplaces that are not affected, and do they use the same card?

I second @dwat0870 recommendation to confirm that the same credit card is loaded into the Buyer side of your Seller account. Every Seller account has a Buyer-side component that can be accessed via the “Your Buyer Account” link in the bottom menu of your Seller Central home page, under the Other Amazon Links heading.


Thanks for your replies and I was waiting on some updates from amazon, but without success.
@Tvoi - I was waiting for the next scheduled payout, but the account reserve is still given so no payout was made and the available balance is $0.00.
@dwat0870 - also this was checked and the buyer side is fine
@papy - the card is used for all accounts, which are affected.

I have also seen that this seems an issue also for a lot of other sellers in different forums and I now don´t think that is has to do with the credit card.
I contatced the account health team and no issue is given. The credit card is fine, also inform consumer act is given (which is only a theme at and not on other marketplaces).
Since the account level reserve is set on all marketplaces with my user ID in FULL and not only a partial amount, and all my opened cases in different marketplaces have the status “Transffered”, it must have to do with any other issue.
And it´s not even new that the amazon seller support is not even a help and is only working with “transffering”…

Quite often sellers don´t write, when a problem is solved, so mostly you read about the problem when is happens, but not when it was solved and how long it has taken.

So, if any other seller has also had that problem with an account level reserve and this was solved finally, I would be happy to hear back about the experiences how long this has taken, once it was solved.

Thank you.

OK, that is probably NOT good actually.

Lets go to the much more problematic potential issues that have been hitting experienced sellers for the past year or so. Since our 'all knowing leaders in Con…gress ( a forbidden word) changed the situation with websites being stripped of protections Amazon has finally gotten paranoid (except for certain ‘offshore’ sellers) abut what is being sold there.

The first question is – Are you authorized IN WRITING by the BRAND to sell their items on Amazon? That means from the BRAND, not some random wholesale source that can NOT authorize anything – they only SELL.

More and more brands have provided a “whitelist” of their approved sellers and if YOU are NOT on the list you will be stopped in your tracks and probably hit with an IP violation.
The second (and probably more important) question is – Where are you sourcing your products? Are you buying direct from the brand or through an AUTHORIZED wholesale source?
Have you verified with the BRAND that your distributor IS an authorized wholesale distributor for ALL of their products. Some wholesalers are only allowed to distribute portions of a product line.

As I said, there are dozens of threads about long term sellers finding themselves in hot water the past many months.

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We had this happen when our card was compromised, and they issued a new one.

It fell just before our disbursement date. They (Amazon) caught it, and did not release our funds. First time since possibly the first few months when we had a velocity hold on us over 12 years ago.

We just updated the card information, and the funds were available the next disbursement date. We are on the 2 week payment program I know others have different options.


@Image - Thanks for your reply.
As mentioned I have had the same card on all 5 marketplaces. I have now updated two marketplaces with another card, but no change.
When there should be a payment at the next payout, than I think is must be shown as “available funds”. And as long as ALL funds are hold in the account level reserve, than I think no payout will be made at the next payout date.

But I have found another post about the reason for such a reserve.
The Christmas period November and December is the period with the most sales in the year. And amazon has set the extended return period until Januar 31. Means when you have made a lot of sales in NOV/DEC, than amazon want´s to cover the risk of a lot returns and refunds with enough funds in the account of the seller so the seller is able to handle this.
So I think it´s possible, that amazon has set the reserve for this and this reserve should be removed after the extended return period after January 31.

Since I have this reserve in ALL market places, I’m assuming it has to do with a problem like this and not with a credit card.

Has anybody heard about anything similar?

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Great detailed further information, thank you for that.

When we started on Amazon, again over 12 years ago we went through a velocity review. We launched in the fall of whatever year it was and had good sales that holiday season.

We were put on a velocity review. It took about 3 weeks to be released from that. However, I think back in the old days it was done by a person. Today, not so much, the bots have taken over.

Sounds like that may be the situation for you. If you are a new or newer seller even more so.

They have not held our funds since. Except when that card was compromised and canceled and I should have caught that.