account re-verification

Did anyone else get this? via email 10 minutes ago. I just wonder if I was singled out for some stupid reason.


I think there were a rash of them a few months back also.


I think another rash may be spreading. Several folks on the abebooks forum reporting them too, with a 60 day deadline to comply. Their emails wanted photo id, business license, the whole enchilada. And they were not spams, as one seller reported finding the form to fill out in Seller Central under account settings.


You will need to provide the following information to complete your verification:

Information about your business;
Information about your identity;
A government-issued photo ID;
A bank account or credit card statement;
A business license, if applicable.

On one hand, I kinda get it. On the other hand, it feels intrusive. My information hasn’t changed and I haven’t violated anything or screwed up in any way in 8 years, so why???

Plus it’s more work scanning docs, and frustrating to jump through Amazon’s ever-changing flaming hoops.


Yep, and I posted about it.

Mine was dumb.

  • I did get the notice
  • I ignored it since nothing showed up in my account
  • Eventually after weeks my account require it
  • The ONLY place it showed up was in “Account info”

Since then a few others have mentioned the same. It only appears, is appealable, if you go to Account Info


Did anyone else get this?

I wonder if it could be related to this odd thing I found in my case log?

I rarely look at my case log, and found this “closed” case, along with one of those ‘you need to take action on your FBA listings’ ones, when I don’t even use FBA.

I also never check for emails from Amazon, as they sent out so much spam when I first signed up 15+ years ago, I stopped using the email address that I gave them.

But this case is odd. It looks like they may be reverifying many of us so they can spam us more and try to sell us more services.

I don’t understand the category ‘US-SILVER’ at all. That sounds like fine jewelry or something? Nowhere near anything I’ve ever sold.

There was never a phone call between Amazon and me. They created this case entirely on their own, and then closed it on their own. I had no idea it even existed until today. :woman_shrugging:

That’s too weird. I looked through my cases and nothing like that.

But you’re apparently a vendor not a Seller.

I was under the impression that the rules were dramatically different for your kind…

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But you’re apparently a vendor not a Seller

I’m not though. :face_with_spiral_eyes: Never have been.

I’m just a measly little reseller. Don’t even have my own brand.

No idea what to make of that message. I just noticed it today, because as mentioned, I rarely look at my case logs or emails to see what Amazon wants to sell tell me because I don’t really care.

I only mention it because it talks about auditing to make sure they have all seller’s date up to date info (and then using it to spam us). I thought it might be related to @meredithbead’s recent request to reverify. :woman_shrugging:


Last week, we received this message as well. Was worried about getting stuck in a bots-gone-wild verification process due to an extra space, incorrect abbreviation, missing comma, etc. However, today we received an email saying that Amazon has completed verifying our identity. Below is an image of the email from today. The way it is worded, you would think that we were just approved for the first time:

… please log into your Seller Central account to activate your account and check if any further action is needed.



Well that’s hopeful at least.


i just got it. Lovely.

Me too. Good thing I saw this thread. I checked my acct info a couple days ago, and there wasn’t any notice, just checked it again, and there is now. :slightly_frowning_face: There was a email yesterday about this, but I missed it.


I got the email today…

When submitting your bank statement, did you cover/hide your Bank Account number, and if so, did you use a marker or do it online before printing out the statement?


I didn’t block out anything.

If it’s your bank statement they should already have the number (assuming you are using this as the deposit method?)


That’s true, I didn’t think of that, although it is probably partially hidden. You just don’t know who is looking at these although it may just be scanned by a Bot unless there is a discrepancy.


I am entirely sure this is purely bot processed.


I believe all docs are initially only scanned. I base that on - This AWS page some…

I’m sure I use to have a link to something else, but I can’t find it at the moment.


What was the subject of the e-mail, DS? My account was re-verified after the suspension, about a year ago… I wonder if I’ll get it this time, too.


@Picks_by_Nisha posted it here: