Address your listing violation - Customer Received Used Item


  1. So finally got a health violation.

  2. Listing is still active

  3. I went ahead and acknowledged the violation with the default checks that imply that as a seller we would review our SOP’s and standards to ensure that the listing meets amazon guidelines for new. This is a default 4-5 check mark acknowledgement PoA submission which automatically removes the policy violation.

  4. What I suspect happened is that this customer

Reported item as used sold as new. Listing is, obviously, all new items - packaged and sealed.

  1. Amazon probably put a used item back into inventory as sellable - even though we have opted out of amazon inspecting items to repackage and resell them. It is set for liquidations. Here:

  1. This hasn’t happened in my 4 year amazon history. Current Health Status: 0 policy violations.


Would you then further send an explanation to add to health history or leave it alone?


It depends what is listed under Next Steps on Account Health Page.

I would wait 48 hours to see if Next Steps updates or if any emails, Performance Notifications, or additional Case Logs arrive for this issue.

I would not send in additional or extra information unless requested by Amazon somewhere.


This :arrow_heading_up:

I always recommend waiting on Amazon before doing anything else.


Updated OP to reflect action taken. I need to reivew my posts better but it takes too much time. Thanks guys!


Amazon has taught me that being proactive is pointless.

It’s probably not the lesson they intended.


Never acknowledge these violations to them.

First step in this scenario is to go to your FBA returns and see if there are any comments from buyers that indicate the product was opened, used, tried, whatever and then a note from Amazon that says “returned to inventory”.

We got one of these used as new and used a screen shot of the return screen where it was clear someone at FBA put an open bottle back on the shelf and boom - violation cleared.

Even if you don’t have that evidence, you should still appeal showing your invoices and state that you only ship New, Unopened, and inspected inventory to FBA. Then you bring up the fact that someone at FBA may have accidentally put a customer return back on the shelf.

By opting out of refurbishment, you’ll still have that issue if the product appears OK upon return to Billy at FBA. Refurbishment is if the product looks OK but some packing tape will make it look pretty much new or something like that.


I have opted out of refurb but I find it useless, unless you sell things that are obvious to anyone that they’ve been opened when they have.

Since I sell handmade, my packaging is my own, and Billy has no clue. Most of the returns are poorly repacked by customers. Some of them are disgusting (hair, bent earwires, tangled necklaces, worse…)
I have had customers send back things in sandwich bags, or loose in envelopes.

Billy sets “sellable” for almost everything. My only recourse is to remove all of that SKU every time this happens, and pay $1 for every unit, and have it go out of stock, to avoid the OP situation (and to avoid the ew, gross for a customer who doesn’t report me, because I don’t want that regardless of impacts to my scores).

I have no invoices to back things up, and I make things myself, so I have nothing but my word, and we know what that is worth to amazon…