Advertiser Accelerator Program

Anyone heard of this? We had an “account manager” reach out to us and want to talk us into this program that would give us a better view of how the Amazon advertising system works.

The program seemed to be more specific to our business but the selling points were less than impressive - they suggested program partners saw an average of a 3% sales increase.

For $75,000 increase over 90 days of spend.

So I don’t know how other sellers do things or where your finances are at, maybe $75,000 for 3% would be a good deal. For us, it doesn’t make a ton of sense. I’m basically spending everything I’m making in the increase.

So I guess my question is - have any of you tried this thing and did you feel it was worth it?

All I can say is that

  1. I stopped advertising on Amazon quite some time ago,
  2. @ASV_Vites might be a good resource,
  3. …and:

Never heard of it. We work with a company called Betterly. $2700 a month and worth every freaking penny.

I don’t even look at our advertising numbers except for the bi-weekly touch base calls / summaries.

This guy has got our sales way up, CPC down 60%, ROAS up exponentially, new to brand buyers way up. I’m sorry I resisted getting real professional help for as long as I did.

Now… With all that said. The first guy they assigned to us played some games so we fired him. Betterly also removed him from their network after I exposed his bullshit. The guy we have now is beyond incredible.

The guys name is Jason Weilenmann if anyone is interested in searching him out externally from Betterly to save yourself some cash on the Betterly cut… I get nothing out of this spam. Just trying to help any one of you.

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So, while I’m asking dumb questions, do these guys do much more than cherry pick auto campaigns?

Our current rule is that campaigns should make $4 for ever $1 we spend.

Is this a good rule?

I think that’s the thing that has me most reserved with these people - I don’t really know how to know if our stuff is performing.

This varies so much by category. In our world 3.5 is the goal because of how competitive our space is. If you’re selling a commodity product (reorders), 3.5 will still make you a profit in our case and get more buyers into your brand / products. 35-40% of our orders are reorders / subscribe and savers.

What you’re trying to do in a commodity category is build a bigger snowball every month / year… If that involves a spend that hurts on various types of advertising - so be it. It’s necessary and every single real brand out there does it for a reason.

It really all comes down to margin. If you’re netting 25%+ on a decent volume biz on Amazon, you’re doing a lot better than most sellers.


Cool, sounds like I’m on the right track. I do try to do my homework before I make recommendations to the boss, but it always helps to have backup.

Sounds like I’d be spending a bunch of money for very little return. I think I’ll stay out of it until we have a bunch of new products that could use the boost.


Sounds like your ACOS is around 25% on PPC. If so, that’s a really good number.

When I was doing it myself, we were 70-80%. (Insert Vomit Sound). Now we are in the upper 20’s.

My one question for you is are you using Sponsored Display campaign types? The numbers coming from those are essentially fake. That’s the bullshit that the first Betterly guy was using to make himself look good. We had an ACOS in the mid teens and flatlined growth.

I ended up mirroring his campaign setup on my other account and saw the same bullshit results and called the guy and Betterly out on it. Renegotiated the contract, got rid of the notice to cancel and they gave us someone else to try for free for awhile.

Sponsored Display ads give themselves credit for sales you would have had anyway. Don’t use them. All they do is make you feel better about yourself.

I haven’t messed with sponsored display at all - we don’t have a good handle on what those even do. We only ever used sponsored products.

Our ACOS floats between 20-30 depending on the season - I have some products that are way, way higher still but usually with a little keyword whack-a-mole we can trim the waste out.

Completely different category (at least from @ASV_Vites), but I tried to stay under 15%. 20% would have me nervous; 25% would be a mild freak out. :sweat_smile:

Miss AZEthos for his SEO/advertising insight. He said he kept it under 5-10% using just 3-4 keywords. :star_struck:


I have two campaigns at a 3% and they are products I could probably just stop advertising and still win.

One of my items was a top 10 in its category, and one of our heating pads was “Amazon’s Choice” for about half a year.

My guy is only focused on 7 listings at the moment. 86 campaigns set up for those 7 listings…


I would lose my mind if I had to manage that.

Did you lose this because of FBA inventory limits? We’ve been dealing with that on and off since Sept.

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Oh wow, we have like 120 products - I couldn’t imagine someone trying to maintain 7 campaigns for each!

But we lost our Amazon’s Choice for a good reason… ish. We had a bad lot# with some faulty chips and it put us at like an 11% return rate for about a month and a half. It was not good.

Amazon really cares about that NCX score, sometimes even more than your sales.

It’s a wild show at times.

Haha…that’s the net profit I make ever 2 weeks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

One day, when I grow up, I’m gonna make money like you guys :slight_smile:

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It’s a joke. You can use an agency but many agencies suck d!ck (wait do I even have to worry about mod approval posts here ;-))

You may play with amazon approved agencies like Tinuity or partnered software like Pacvue (don’t) etc.

Amazon is now assigning managers to push ad types/spend and the ROI is just not there - I’ve spoken to a few of them and they really don’t know what they’re talking about and will often defer to talking points like:

" 1. My team is here to work as advertising consultants for our partner brands. I generally try to help increase overall revenue by testing new ad types, trying new targets, bringing you new betas, and continued best practice + optimization support

  1. My team is also verticalized, so we see a lot of similar tactics across multiple brands to then bring those learnings to each of our advertisers
  2. I am happy to dig into some of the SP questions with you, but my team is generally focused on everything beyond SP (since it is mostly bids + keywords, there isn’t a TON of support to give there). In that vein though, I’m happy to discuss on call"

The thing with using new ad types are thus:

a. Amazon has already maximized ad space usage is now getting a little ridiculous when it comes to ad real estate - which is just a cash grab and being used to drive ppc costs.

b. If you have good software most of the ad types can be tested to your liking - you just have to develop a good SOP on testing and setting spend ACOS, TACOS thresholds -

c. The agency route was great when there were certain ad types and settings that were only available to DSP clients and now the only advantage is some of the OMNI channel options it has like OTT advertising which is generally very top of the funnel advertising - think big money brands not worried about farting $75k on a whim.

But if you don’t like having total control over spend then you may hire an agency

The only markers to check worth are obviously ROI but more particularly adspend vs adsales vs organic sales and share of voice which any good software should be able to help you do.

My brief overview on where things are as far as amazon console is concerned.


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Haha. It hasn’t been easy and it took years and a little luck / 26 years of industry knowledge and a partner that owns the manufacturer to get where we are now but I’m nowhere near satisfied. Too much of our business is tied up in Amazon.

We have to fork over a couple grand to SAS every month now too as our security blanket. Only been on that program for a month and it’s paid dividends though with solving some problems, bouncing some competitors that were committing fraud, and getting a couple FBA inventory limit exceptions.

Worth every shiny penny but I can’t see staying with SAS forever because we had our first monthly recap call this morning and my partner and I were utterly unimpressed with the presentation. Basically told us everything we already know and presented reporting we already run.

Seeing if this guy can work his magic and get our 57% reserve (for a category that doesn’t even allow returns) drastically reduced bc this is getting ridiculous.


I am 55 years old and have been selling online since 2001. I still make about the same I did 10 years ago, however, in all fairness, I had burnout, closed down my Ebay store and ran a little Amazon on the side. (got a “regular job” as a prison guard lol for 5 years.) I just started back up 2 years ago with nearly no inventory for Ebay…dived deep into debt to get it rolling…


I was a senior executive for a division of Nature’s Bounty for 22 years (worked my way up).

My division was sold off to PE and bankrupted by stupidity. Painful to lose everything I worked so freaking hard for. Hoping to take one of our brands to food / drug / mass in the coming 2 years.

I can’t be mad at Amazon. That marketplace gave us a place to set up and test / build our brands.

Trying to turn lemons into lemonade. We shall see. I’ve never worked harder in my life and I always was the first one in and the last one out at NBTY…

yeah, I never went corporate. Correctional officer is the only “regular” job I’ve ever had. I was a rebel and refused education wherever possible, dropped out after 8th grade, in another country speaking a different language. I have come an incredibly long way from where I was…for 5 years or so, I had the largest Ebay store for the niche stuff I am selling…but I worked 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week and drove myself into burnout. But even in my best times I never made more than 20K/month in sales.