This isn’t a question-it’s a celebration-and a VENT!!
TODAY, I actually came to an END!!

Some of you may recall that a section of booksellers were deluged by Listing Quality Dashboard demands and complained in the past iteration of the forum. BOTS demanded category, price, publisher, edition, # of pages, dimensions, the list goes on. Approx 12-15 questions per title though the dashboard deceptively states(in smaller print) 3-8.

I was one of the most vociferous complainants-because, to begin, our dashboard contained 11,000 titles(out of 14,500+ inventory). Daily, BOTS added the titles we just listed/just sold/shipped(how are we supposed to answer their questions when the title is long gone?) Calculated we provided info for over 12,000 titles! Mind you, we didn’t originate 99% of these listings.

Many commenters told me to ignore the LQD-- and I thought the advice excellent…Then our sales vanished!! Gone, zero, zilch! Rather than term me paranoid, a forum leader pulled a representative sample of offerings-or tried to. We weren’t suspended-officially-, but listings(especially those on the LQD) weren’t VISIBLE!!

Began this slog on Nov. 4 and completed today. Near 7 months of wasted time, average of 2 hours daily, sometimes up to 5 hours. Worthless waste when AMAZON already had many of the answers on product detail pages .Apparently, programmers couldn’t figure out how to extract/combine the info!!

As I age. I’m noticing a certain lethargy. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the strength to battle TPTB and their moronic, ill-programmed BOTS!! Plus those members who answered my cries for assistance on the previous forum!!


I’m so sorry that you had to do this very stupid thing, and I’m so thankful that it’s DONE! I bet there were moments where it seemed impossible and useless, but you kept going. Wow. :star_struck:


Glad to hear the storm has passed.

Glad you had the strength and motivation to fight the battle.


Thank You!!

I’m sure we made no friends by giving daily negative feedback to the department responsible!! I firmly believe the dump was, at least, partially retaliatory( adding more daily titles.) Took days- weeks- to make a dent- As the titles reduced, orders returned

Frankly, though we specialize in “quirky” books/vintage mass markets and southwestern/frontier history/diaries/fiction, I doubt our inventory is totally unique! Many of the LQD titles had less than a dozen offerings, about 15% less than a half-dozen. Perhaps the BOTS couldn’t get anyone else to provide the info!!. That’s the most charitable view!!


I’m wondering if we have some of the same items listed because I did nothing and mine got cut in half. Thank you for your persistence if you helped my LQD get reduced by 50%. :hugs: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Great News!


I don’t have your volume (less than 2000 right now)

However when that crap started I had over a thousand Listing Quality alerts, with the number growing every time I looked.

I did correct a number of them. My own notes in my database made it possible to correct them correctly. I am 100% confident that most of the other sellers working on those corrections had no such concerns.

I got tired of it and quit. Then the numbers just started dwindling. (32 right now).

I never saw any connection to orders (but then I don’t get many through Amazon anyway)


OMG. You are now officially the book selling Mighty Mouse. Cape and all.

I tried to fix some of those (thankfully my number was small) but gave up. I don’t tolerate nonsense well.

You have now proven to me that it can indeed be done. I am in awe.


The last couple of days, were surprising reductions-150+ titles to 72, then from 50+ to 11.Must have back-loaded ours instead of a daily reduction(when fighting monotony even the tiniest encouragement can serve as incentive.)

Noticed many HB books now listed as weighing 1 lb. or 1.1 pounds, when the avg. is closer to 2 .Hope it doesn’t bite booksellers later…

GLAD it’s over-and fear what martyrdom the BOTS have in store.

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@TEXASEXILEBOOKS Congratulations on reducing the Listing Quality Dashboard numbers! That was quite an accomplishment! :tada: :clap:

Your post inspired me to look at my own dashboard. Although I didn’t have as many listings needing “improvements,” I did find something odd. One of the items was for nail polish. I don’t sell nail polish. I have never sold nail polish. So why is it in my LQD?

When I copied and pasted the ASIN in Amazon search, it came back as “No results” but when I click on the link, it shows the product.

It will be interesting to see how long this (non-existent) item remains in my LQD.



More strangeness… I have an LQD item that needs eight improvements. But the link goes to a dog page. How can I improve an item when the page doesn’t exist?

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Though we never had anything but books appear on the LQD, had dog pages occur under “Optimize for Advertising”. category. Though p to 10 in that category at any one time, only 2 actually appeared without the bow-wows. Thrilled when anything appeared there-since I could usually skip those(included in the grand total).

Received a notice after a day or so stating(more or less) if unable to locate title, was an internal issue. Would be removed by team within 48 hours. Ha-though they actually did go away, eventually…more like a week or so!!

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When the LQD first came out, I tried to go through and update the info, but a lot of it didn’t apply to our products. I got tired of selecting attribute does not apply, and since I thought that it didn’t have a negative effect, I ignored it. After reading your post, I went through and updated as many attributes as I could on our branded listings. We had been experiencing much slower sales the last couple of months, but the week after I finished going through everything, our sales are picking back up. Definitely seems worth the time I spent, so thank you on making this post.

One of the things that I really wish they would fix about the LQD is them filtering out brand controlled listings. What’s the point of having it there when I can’t be the one to update the information?


Feel like this should have a flashing neon sign!