Amazon Auto-Changing Account Info> Business Address +1 phone number.

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I checked under my Business Address, and Amazon has also auto-changed mine. After I was verified, I selected one of my older addresses; it’s still the same address but with slight differences like caps/abbreviations.

It has been auto-changed to the exact info shown under my Legal Entity and has included the +1 next to my phone number.

This could be an issue for those wanting to use a PO Box to hide their home address.

Is anyone else seeing this?


Not yet but I’m still unverified - assuming I get a prompt with either rejection or verification today or tomorrow

Yep … we posted about this happening a few days ago …

We have been re-checking daily after changing it back to business info.


I must have missed it; I can’t believe Amazon is doing this without informing sellers that their home addresses may be exposed and publicly displayed under their Storefronts.

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The obvious solution would be to change your address to the P.O. Box with your State Attorney General, Secretary, Treasurer, IRS, Bank, Credit Cards, Vendors (billing only), Utilities (billing only), website, and then finally Amazon. There is a right way and a wrong way to use a P.O. Box.


You would think … but even with all of that, Amazon changed ours to personal info.


This will probably cause another round of issues, confusion, and panic.

Here we go…


Haven’t been doxxed yet and got verification email just now.

But no checkmark on idenity

06012023 - No Check on Identity

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06012023 - Check on Identity

I gots it :slight_smile:

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Yeah just got the address verification e-mail, they changed our phone to my personal cell. NO ■■■■■■■ WAY.

Unfortunately the PO box we use is basically just for returns. It would be too much trouble to change our addresses everywhere.

Not Happy with them posting my home address, but it would take too much time to change everything else.


We changed ours back to the Business PO Box address and Business landline when they put our personal address and personal cell phone as the business address.


Yep this was me, LOL. Thanks Medic for the hint to join this board! :slight_smile:


So happy you found us!!

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It would be funny if Amazon Basic brand has Jeff Bezos personal address and cell phone number :grin:

So, does Amazon allow PO box for business address (they’re verifying my business address)? I could rent a PO box and give that address to them. Hopefully they would just verify by sending a postcard and be done with it. It would be a pain having to physically check the PO box regularly.

You mentioned that you gave them the landline number. Didn’t they try to send a text message to the number? I thought they always have to verify everything. I was thinking about using a virtual voip number but it cannot receive texts.

I just found this info in FAQ. PO boxes are not acceptable. How did you get them to accept your PO box? That’s cool.

Seller information displayed to buyers

PO Box is through USPS … could be rented from USPS but not through a UPS or mail box rental place.

We have Legal Entity verified to a USPS PO Box and our Business address is a PO Box (same one).
It should be noted that our credit card statements have the physical address and PO Box on them which was used to verify Legal Entity. We wouldn’t get our USPS mail if it wasn’t sent to the PO Box (rural area).

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Ah, that’s the technique. So, USPS PO box is fine. Ok I’ll look into that. Thanks.

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We would also note that our Business DBA and Business State Sales Tax Permit reference PO Box also. There are several ways that lead back to our PO Box. We wouldn’t say it is just rent a PO Box from USPS and you are go to go. Our business has been developed over years with the PO Box in tack (actually 3 PO Boxes). You could say it has become part of the fabric of our business just like the original phone number is a part of the business. State laws can also be a factor in the use of PO Boxes for business … one state may allow one thing and another state something else.

Do your homework for your business before you do it. Having a USPS PO Box for returns is a plus (even some well known companies do this). Having a second PO Box for incoming statements and invoices can be another plus (other well known companies do this). There are reasons to do it outside of whether Amazon allows it today and maybe not tomorrow.


I’ve been seeing a lot of storefronts that no longer show the Business Name and have been replaced by the State… :thinking: Does anyone know why?

Here are a few examples (I removed the street number for privacy)

Is anyone else seeing this on their Storefront and if so does your name/company still show under Legal Entity and on your Tax documents?

Sellers messing with data to try and hide data, OR Amazon pulling the wrong data once again