Amazon being weasels

How are they deciding the “other sellers on Amazon” box?

5 sellers, they pick 3 for the box and not even the lowest price ones.

It sure feels like this AT RISK thing is killing buy boxes.
We’re at 0%

I talked to a guy from support they claim it “shouldn’t “ effect anything.
I said but it is.
…but it “shouldn’t “ he replied…I hung up he doesn’t know anything that’s not in the script.


This is true. I sometimes wonder how frustrated they feel when they can’t truly answer questions or solve problems. Some of them must have a clue their ‘toolboxes’ are nearly empty and they are not equipped and authorized to do a good job.

It’s frustrating for sure, I try to remember it is Amazon’s fault for not investing in real support.

As for the Buy Box and other sellers box, are all offers FBA? I think a big part of who is shown is the ship date, which sellers have units in a nearby warehouse that can be shipped and delivered fastest. It seems that trumps lowest price even.


Something else I am noticing lately is the first entry in the other sellers box (on the detail page, not the pop-out) is duplicated, the same seller offer that is in the Buy Box. Why? That is a waste of opportunity for one more seller to have their offer shown on the page.

It didn’t used to be that way.


It looks like the max is 3 sellers in that box, as it appears that way on listings with dozens of sellers. As for the three they select, the only GUESS I have is that it is the ones that will deliver the fastest, rather than being the cheapest.

You show up in the box for me shipping to Florida (you show delivering on the 20th and the two that aren’t listed say they will deliver by the 22nd):

Screenshot 2023-06-11 022455

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A lotta things aren’t the way they used to be.

It’s astonishing how much Amazon is changing every day.

Geez… The other day they got rid of Amazon’s Choice in favor of “Overall Pick”.

That was only around for ~12 hours.

Limited Time Deals are now called Best Deal on the backend and show nothing in terms of a notification of a sale in search or the PDP anymore.

What exactly are sellers paying $300 a deal for again? …

That’s what I thought.


Funny how we appeared once we were verified



Bryce (I think it was) declared in the forum that it does not affect anything about buy box.

But I think his confidence is misplaced. I doubt that anybody knows. And I do suspect there is a connection. I think there’s at least one bot that realizes you have an account warning! and decides the first thing that needs to be done is take away buy box eligibility.


Not only does he not know anything which is not in the script, there is information which is hidden from him because he has no need to know.

Details about featured offers and the Buy Box are proprietary other than the general b.s.

And they need to be secret and change frequently in order to keep some sellers from taking advantage of additional knowledge.

When you choose to self fulfill, you choose to give up some visibility to buyers. Offering free shipping, even if your price is lower does not offer the same attraction to buyers as Prime, does not offer the same delivery time to all buyers as Prime, and makes your offer less attractive to many buyers and to Amazon.

It can still be the right choice, but often the right choice is another Internet platform.


June 1 we got the “your distributions will be placed on hold” email if we didn’t follow the instructions listed in the email, but there were no instructions to complete anything. June 2 created case. June 3 got cut and paste answer that said to follow instructions (again what instructions). Reopened case on June 3 and requested call. Call confirmed account was okay (had him send confirming email).

June 3 - zero sales
June 4 - zero sales

June 4 - Business Address suddenly had to be verified but had no notice or email. Submitted address for verification.

Jun 5 - got some sales
June 6 - Verification post card in transit
By June 7 - sales back to normal
June 9 - Business address verified - account fully verified

Other than those 2 days, our sales this last 30 days have been better than we saw the prior month(s). We would tend to agree that a bot is programmed to temper accounts to create panic and a sense of urgency to complete the verification.


All I know is since this “your account is in danger of deactivation” BS sales have tanked. I am talking a 90% reduction in sales.

I just got the stupid code, entered it yesterday and got rid of the banner today. The damage is done though. We have had 10 orders in the past week, Totaling $300 A period in which we would usually do over 100 and about $3000


Now, now…

It is called plausible deniability. If Amazon told them things, then when they told you incorrectly it would be lying. Lying is wrong, unethical, and arguably immoral. We wouldn’t want an Amazon employee to do that…? A philosopher once postulated that ignorance is bliss. We have many happy, blissful Amazon employees.

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Buy boxes already increasing since the warning went away.

This whole reverifcation of everyone was a cluster ■■■■…

Planned poorly and done poorly.
Hopefully next year they are better prepared.




Amazon values secrecy far more than it needs plausible deniability. If it was transparent, it would have to spend a lot more money weeding out unethical, corrupt and downright dangerous sellers.

You cannot fight the culture of isolation, non-communication and distrust which Amazon has built to go with its success.

Need to know may no longer be practiced in our military or our spy agencies but it is the essence of Amazon.

A prolific hack writer with at least 100 books on kindle is also an Amazon employee in an FC. I am on his email list.

His KDS account was closed for “review manipulation”.

Thousands of Kindle authors are guilty of review manipulation. The is an army of companies who assist them in the process - Bookbub, Book Raider, Hello Books, Book Funnel to name a few.

He cannot find a contact to approach to reverse his account closure.

He is on his fifth manager in 2023. He has applied for the job and is not qualified. He is not 25 years old, and he has demonstrated he has a functioning brain. His managers have had no ability to think, take action on reports sent to them by HR measuring employee performance. He claims the story, I though was apocryphal of computer tracked bathroom time is true, and factored into employee performance metrics.

All of his previous managers have been promoted. They are bots, suitable to be characters in some of his post-apocolypic novels.

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He isn’t qualified for the position because he knows too much. Had he been ignorant of what he was supposed to manage, he would have been a perfect fit for the job.

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You see what I mean, ignorance is better than plausible deniability in the world of Amazon, and many other companies, and far more desirable than a functioning brain.