Amazon Buy Shipping Not Updating Shipped Orders

When purchasing a label - the order is not updating as shipped. Are we the only ones?

I was seeing some delay for a bit, but orders are still clearing for me.

My whole account health dashboard is down though.

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Good to know it is not just me. New orders not coming through and the ones I shipped are not updating.


Seller Central Home page widgets across the top have reverted back to what they were before the last tinker. The sells bar graph widget disappeared and is now back to the basic X orders widget.

We had a flicker change on the message page. A message went from bold (left column) to regular text on what seemed to be a refresh of the page (that we didn’t execute).

Amazon is pushing out some new code.

I bought Amazon shipping almost an hour ago, and the order still doesn’t show as shipped.

Just checked, shipped orders are starting to update now.

Welcome aboard. Glad you found us.


Late to the party, but it was a whole thing yesterday.