Amazon Canada selling illegal weapons

Illegal switchblade ‘bestseller’ on until CBC reported it to retailer | Watch (

Well now we know where to buy this stuff. :frowning_face: Looks like their usual “safeguarding” is in place.

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I take your underlying point - re: the inefficacy of its automated gatekeeping mechanisms - but I’ll not hesitate to reiterate the point that so many have spilt ink decrying for so long:

The only thing Amazon cares about “safeguarding” is its bottom line.

By hook, or by crook.

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I guess this is illegal on technicality. I mean, it’s not like they’re selling tanks and automatic weapons right?

Kinda sensationalist imho


Sad that Amazon only acts when illegality is called out in the press.

Stun guns advertised as self defence or tactical flashlights were also removed from Amazon after an Ontario-based employee flagged the products internally late last year. But the employee — who is no longer with the company — says within a few days of the listings’ removal, the stun guns reappeared on the site.

…and there it is: “reappeared on the site.” :expressionless:

But the whistleblower was ‘disappeared’ so it’s OK…

Meh, I would say their filtering is pretty good. If you search for guns, ammunition, heroin, or most other restricted or illegal weapons/drugs you won’t find anything for the most part. And it’s not because people aren’t trying to sell those items.

I’ve even tried to buy something that was restricted in some states (including mine), and while it was on Amazon they actually blocked me from buying it due to shipping location restrictions.

This is just an outlier that slipped through the cracks, which is inevitable with a catalog of that size.

Sure, an amateur with passing interest might type “switchblade” or “stun gun” into Amazon’s search bar and come up empty-handed.

But folks intentionally selling prohibited and/or illegal items have other ways to point their customers to the right ASIN.

Well in those cases it could almost be impossible to screen for that, since the listing would be something completely benign (“1 poly bag” without mentioning it’s filled with cocaine).

It does happen, and I never understood it. Using Amazon to fulfill your drug orders is dumb even for a dumb drug dealer.

I am not sure that this knife would be illegal in US jurisdictions which ban swtichblades.

It does not appear to be spring action, but just thumb powered.

My switchblades and gravity knives (illegal in NY) always has a spring which opened them all or part way. I wonder where I put them.

Not that I am excusing the seller.

I also did not notice a government enforcement employee saying this was illegal, Just a lawyer, but I could not have been paying enough attention.

Well, I don’t know the laws in Canada, but in general, selling “questionable” items on Amazon’s usually a poor idea, as it’s not very difficult for a govt agency to get some kind of court order to give to Amazon to yank it (and Amazon will generally cooperate even without a court order). Amazon will not try to defend the seller in any way, they’ll just comply immediately and in addition to that seize the seller’s funds and FBA inventory.

Personally, I would not sell anything on Amazon that could be marketed as a weapon.


And those jurisdictions have been changing laws recently.

Listening to a second amendment show out of MA, they were talking with the principals at They have challenged many states, and are now going to court with Massachusetts.

Blades are not something I have an interest in, just reporting the efforts to make changes.

For us we are in a Constitutional Carry State. A total of 27 states have this law. For me this makes restricting a knife a little silly.

ETA; Yet Amazon restricts the sale of “holographic bags” since they are used for drug storage. We sell graphics with this technology, we call them “rainbow” trying to avoid the Amazon trigger word.

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Amazon’s decision to allow certain items or not basically comes down to 1 thing

Is Profit > $ amount of the headache involved?

If Amazon wanted to I’m sure they could get a FFL and ship ammunition to the states that allow that, but the headache from that plus potential lost sales from people who are against them adding those items is likely greater than additional sales they gain.

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Actually, I have to disagree.

Amazon policy is created by people. Amazon is extremely poor at managing people.

Some policies at Amazon and other internet companies are set by people to suit another agenda other than the business tradeoffs.

Having attitudes which were shaped by early 20th century anarchists, when given the opportunity I opt for less restriction, so I would be and have been as difficult to manage as some of these employees. Even when I am not currently motivated to own guns or knives.


This is exactly it.

In our 34 years alone, we have done work for churches and adult toy companies. We have created images for the militant vegetarians and the beef council. Those against reclamation yards, and those for junk yards. For (clean) coal power plants and clean energy systems.

I don’t care. It is about the business, not my, or anyone’s agenda.

Now I would draw the line against some issues, as in promoting nuclear warheads, or endangering children. Even so it is all about the growth of the family business.


When the lawyers lead, definitely! Amazon has seen/is seeing real-life consequences to the sales and marketing of some items, and so they prohibit those–much to the consternation of the Sellers who were profiting nicely from those items but without the same level of liability as Amazon.

I do not take constructive criticism from people who have never constructed anything.– Eric Thomas

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“I don’t know who Eric Thomas is” - Maintak

A charismatic author and motivational speaker with a difficult journey, popular with the youths and hustle culture. A very successful marketer. Hobnobs internationally. Has actually constructed something. Number 8 on this list (and ahead of Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, and Steven Covey…but behind Arnold Schwarzenegger and Brene Brown, obvs).

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I don’t know what the big deal is with a knife - I get more interesting deliveries from Amazon…

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This just showed up on my doorstep and was immediately installed directly above our doorbells.

Maybe the next time Tom Suozzi’s people come by (they come by at least once per day), they read the sign, otherwise I will point it out to them.

This post is sort of political but it’s also sorta funny. :man_shrugging:


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