Amazon created SKU's for FBA listings.

We are enrolled in the FBA program that lists are returns as used FBA offers. I can’t remember the name. The result of this program is that Amazon is constantly creating new SKUs for various FBA listings which as far as I can tell are not removed once the item sells. We now have hundreds of SKUs created by Amazon for one-off sales that will never be reused.

We do not want our catalog cluttered with hundreds and eventually thousands of meaningless SKUs. Additionally, we do not want the perpetual exposure to violations that these lingering SKUs would expose us to.

How are other sellers dealing with this? Is there a quick and easy way to handle this or do I have to spend time on a weekly basis finding and removing these dead SKUs?

May I ask if you are referring to the Refurbishment Program delineated in the SHC’s FBA repackaging and refurbishment services (link, Seller Help Content)?

Gotta be something like that. We have ALL OF THAT nonsense turned off.

@maintak 's issue is one I don’t believe I’ve ever come across before.

Maybe? It was one of their liquidation options for no-longer-new-condition returns.

If I sold what you sell, I would never use this option either. For what I sell it’s a viable option.