Amazon data pages so corrupted that customers are getting worried.

I sold a book yesterday.

This morning I received a message from the customer, who was justifiably concerned because there was one picture of the book when he bought it, yet when Amazon informed him that I had shipped it, they included a picture of a completely different book - the wrong color, the wrong subject, and even the wrong language.

I checked my order. And I too have a picture of the wrong book attached to it.

This is what the page looks like when the customer orders it ( and, yes, the description is screwed up too ):


This is what my sales record looks like after I shipped it:

And the customer expects ME to explain it. ( I gave it my best try, telling him that it was an Amazon error, but that he will receive the correct book. )

I suppose that I should consider myself lucky that the customer contacted me. If he had contacted Amazon, some clueless parrot in CS would have told him that the picture was what he was going to receive.

The silver lining is that I did send the correct book, it was probably the finest copy on the planet, and I expect that the customer will be happy when he finally receives it.

This should NOT be happening. And when it does, I should be able to get the page changed. But we all know how likely that is. Grrrrr!


OMG, that same green book is everywhere. I sold a book a few weeks ago about some French painters (in French) where that book was illustrated on the page. I asked Amazon 2-3 times to change it but they never did.

Happened to me when I ordered from a third party on Amazon. All looked good, but when I put the book into my Shopping Cart, the author changed. I did contact the seller to confirm what it was, but they are one of those less than professional sellers. I’m not sure they actually understood the issue. It was a cheap reading copy for a customer, so not a huge deal, but seriously…

The book is now on its way to me. Fingers crossed.

I have sold several that this happened. On the latest, I saw the difference, contacted the buyer, whom I never heard from, be he did purchase the other two in the set, which also were screwed up.

Do you have any ASINs?

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I just looked, and the photo has been changed to the correct book. It is still the green book in my list of recently shipped books.

Found another one with the wrong-title green book: Until We Meet Again: God’s Eternal Plan for His Animals ISBN: 0975398008