Amazon Earnings....

At first glance, looks strong to quite strong…


My PPC $'s hard at work :joy:

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I wonder how much you are contributing while your account can’t be accessed.

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Only access I have is through my credit card. It’s still being charged for PPC for my active listings and so we all know my amazon console and thus my account associated with my merchant token is alive and well. Spend is about where I left it but it was supposed to be optimized further which obviously I can’t do now.

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AMZN stock up about $15 after the close.

Teacher Function GIF by ZDF heute-show


  • Announced that Prime members in the U.S. can now add health care from One Medical to their Prime membership for $9 per month (or $99 annually) and include up to five additional zfamily members for $6 per month each, making it easier for Prime members to get high-quality primary care in the U.S. This represents savings of up to $100 off the standard One Medical membership fee for individuals and up to $133 for families.

  • Amazon Entered a strategic partnership with Hyundai to bring innovative new experiences to customers. In 2024, Amazon will launch online vehicle sales in the U.S., starting with Hyundai.

  • Announced that Prime Air drone deliveries will expand to Italy, the UK, and an additional location in the U.S. in late 2024.

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Could have had it for $90 in March.

Meta is the crazier story, especially after that Senate hearing the other day.

After Hours - +$57 to $452. Could have had that for $170 approx. a year ago.

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