Amazon Freight: Account connections?

My company wants to start using Amazon Freight to send in certain LTL shipments. The pickup address would be a warehouse that at least 1 and possibly more other business have used on Amazon, either to pickup shipments or possibly as a main address. If our only connection to this address is that our Amazon Freight shipments get picked there, how strong a risk do you think we would be running in terms of our account getting linked to another, possibly suspended account?

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Lots of companies use the same manufacturer / 3PL and get their inventory picked up there by Amazon freight.

I’ve never heard of a pickup address for inventory being the link to linked account suspensions.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with having more than 1 selling account. It’s only when 1 of them gets in trouble that it’s a problem and Amazon’s enforcement overall is so lax right now it’s not even funny.

There’s no way you will have an issue with this IMO.


I’m aware of this, and I have reason to believe that at least one company that used to be associated with this address in some way has been suspended. It is possible they were even using it as their main address on Amazon.

My initial gut reaction was that this should be reasonably safe, but I wanted a second opinion as I am often wrong.

You could always put like “Suite 101” or something similar at the end of address line 1. I highly doubt you’re gonna have a problem anyways, but it would probably through off a bot looking for exact duplicate addresses.

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Exactly this. The building my warehouse is in has 3-4 companies that sell on Amazon and we all use the shared docks. Although the pickup/delivery address is the same for all of us, I add 5th floor to my address to differentiate. No one picks up or delivers to the 5th floor, but it separates me from the other sellers if a bot was to look at our locations.

Not sure it matters, but why ask for problems?

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Logically speaking they shouldn’t link sellers based on sharing a warehouse shipping address. But nobody knows for sure as when accounts do get linked Amazon doesn’t say how they came up with that decision.

It would have to be something very unusual happening like someone operating 10 accounts with the same 3PL shipping address all being suspended that may trigger something with other accounts using that address as well.

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I agree with most posters. With so many warehousing/cross dock logistics systems out there, I wouldn’t put much effort into this concern.


Thanks all for the input.