Amazon frequently used terms

Sandy_Amazon posted the helpful topic Amazon Brand Registry frequently used terms, including the following terms. They aren’t really BR-specific.


Useful as far as it goes but carefully limited to obscure which IP Amazon actually recognizes and how it reacts to infringement.

Only patents are legally required to be registered with the government.

Both trademarks and copyrights need not be registered to be legally valid enforceable.

There are many companies which do not apply for patents, they are not totally unprotected either. They may have “trade secret” protections.

As much as I loath lawyers, sometimes you need a lawyer because the simpleminded way Amazon deals with IP deprives you of valuable rights.


Yet Amazon requires trademarks for brand registry, do they not? I guess they are entitled to whatever rules they want but there are brands without TMs, and some have lapsed TM registration which would still serve as record of first use.


Amazon IP protection is limited to what a bot or a human prototype for a bot can provide UNLESS you hire an attorney or know who to pay off.


I think they look something like this


In the ever-cawing “unkindness of ravens” who began circling overhead in 2019, even before the FMT’s “New Year, New Voices” Initiative falteringly broke the light of dawn (the earliest shot across ours & Susan’s bows afore The WHΟRE Of Mammon shrewishly-shrieking harpy took charge), Sandy has been a guiding light on more than a few subjects of concern to our Seller Community.

Would that more of them exhibited her/his dedication, better-off would we all likely be.

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When I was subsumed/borged into the NSFE on St. Dwynwen’s Day - and with the Feast of St. Gregory The Theologian not-yet fully gobbled, to boot - @ 11:31 PM 25Jan2023, I was inspired to begin crafting a long Philippic jeremiad of that title.

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