Amazon global logistics


Can anyone recommend using Amazon Global Logistics?
What is the cost per cubic meter (CBM) for their services? How many days does it typically take for shipments to reach Amazon warehouses from China?

Currently, I follow a process of shipping everything to my own location and then forwarding it to FBA.
I would greatly appreciate any feedback or advice

I have one question for you. Do you want Amazon to know exactly what factory you purchase your goods from? In other words, what stops them from cutting you out by going direct to your suppliers?

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Honestly rates are more competitive outside of AGL and the accountability factor is higher there. AGL has horror stories that go along with it - but that may or may not be due to user error. The problem is if AGL has any delays whether it’s your fault or not - how are you going to be compensated for the loss of inventory, sales, advertising - the cascade is too much to bear from a $'s to $'s POV which is why we opted not to do it.


That’s a valid point.
However, they typically prioritize multi-million dollar products, and my product hasn’t reached that level yet. Additionally, when they lose inventory, they require invoices as proof for reimbursement with the factory name, address etc…