Amazon has lost control

I mean it’s a sad sad day when the ads on your own site violate everything policy wise.

Just launched seller SOMEHOW also has the buybox.


Amazon has lost control. Here’s an exact quote from my advertising guy:



I would never hurt you Jenny.


Amazon has allowed itself to grow to a size which is too big to manage.

In the short term, it is more profitable to be that big, in spite of the negative long term effects.

Andy will be forced to choose the time when the negative customer reactions exceed the short time profits from PPC advertising. Until then sellers who object will find no consolation. And if the downsizing includes their accounts, may not at that point.


Swing and a miss

But isn’t the preferred course of action to report the listing as “in violation” of one or more seller guidelines/rules, and cite the seller central page containing the rules about not diverting customers to off-site sales locations?

A “review” is supposed to be about a product, so the negative review of the refusal to post the review by the review reviewers (how meta!) is off-target.

Yes, it is sad that the individual seller support groups are so narrow-focus that they wear blinders to the larger context, but this is inevitable with any large bureaucracy, from the VA to the DMV.

They aren’t going to catch this kind of thing with a bot, otherwise even the phrase “As Seen On TV!” would get one’s listing suppressed. So, Amazon depends on sellers to report competitors playing games and breaking rules.

Don’t get me wrong, the entire seller support scheme is a dumpster fire, and there is little one can do in many cases except to shrug and move on to more productive issues, but this one seems to be a matter of a swing and a miss in the use of a “review” to address what should be a “seller policy violation” report.


Your correct, but we know Amazon takes no action on those.

So I tried to warn others of this scam.

Domain name in the title, come on, that’s Bot action 101 (if programmed right!)


The scary part would be downloading a Microsoft “authorized” product from Kazakhstan.

On a lighter side note speaking of …stan countries, as a huge “Croc” shoes fan, I thought I would share this travel warning.


“We are contacting you because an ASIN you are listing on has been identified as an incorrect variation. We have separated the ASIN from the variation family.”

Their own bots don’t know what a variation is…
I thought that was the whole point of the color theme?

How dare I :roll_eyes:


Amazon may be taking a harder look at variations after the Nature’s Bounty debacle and putting in place more broken bots.

Are variations allowed in cosmetics like this? In supplements, the only thing you were ever “legally” allowed to vary was / is pack size.


Color/Size is a variation in Beauty. Imaging looking for Loreal Preference hair colors 1 page at a time :woozy_face:

Funny it’s like the only variation we had. been active for 6-7 years.

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Obviously I wasn’t thinking clearly when I asked that question…

Nothing to see here…

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