Amazon is #1 Company In US To Work For


I’m so confused right now…

Let us attempt to summarize for you …

It’s great to work at a place when the safety hazards brought up by the union activists has made the company invest into spending millions of dollars to correct the root of the problem (union activists) as seen by the company.

Some of the confusion around this simple summary is a by-product of the media’s desire to maintain superior headline status above their competitors.

Back in our youth, we called this game … connect the dots to see the image.

We passed First grade 101 basics and it’s helped out later on in life … :wink:


Voted #1 by the employees who knew if they were honest they’d be let go… and many were anyway.


Probably the #1 place for sellers too.

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I always think back to the generation that fought in WWII. What would they think about working at Amazon. I have a feeling the word pansy-■■■ would be said an awful lot.

Suck it up, or get out.

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according to LinkedIn

Obviously an organization who is not a member of the “Big Tech” fraternity. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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