Amazon is ditching Amazon's Choice?

For part of today, items were listed as “Overall Pick” and then there would be one more listing listed as “Popular Brand Pick” for that keyword.

As of now, it’s reverted. This was desktop only. While this was going on, there was nothing on mobile. No AC, No PP / PBP.

Tinkering again. I actually really like it so hope it passes the test…


Whether you like it or not, its likely that whether Amazon decides it likes the results of this change on total sales history is probably go to be more important.

good luck

Probably just amazon ab testing different things like they do. I see AC clearly and have it for quite a few words so it would be no bueno if that goes away.

Furthermore, why are the x sold past week/month so inaccurate :sob:

Did you look yesterday? You would have had “Overall Choice”…

Since Amazon likes to take our badges routinely, for no reason, for months at a time, it was nice bc we had the brand choice yesterday while our fake competitor had overall choice. Had our best day in a month yesterday and the new badges were pulled by 11PM EST.

Had a 2 hour call with my SAS manager today and he confirmed the test (no kidding). Claims he didn’t know about it before I sent over the screenshots last night.

No kidding… :rofl: Amazon is only going to do AMAZON favors.

Wasn’t born yesterday. More like 17,730 days ago… :wink:

Wow… Just saw that… Yea, just a little light… Unreal

No I haven’t paid attention as I am spending out of the ■■■ for ppc to regain rank and still in that upward momentum phase…it’ll be another 30 days or so before my costs come down - the travails of revamping supply chain from manufacturer.

Having said that, I guess it’s category dependent since I don’t see OC - our category has AC

I just checked a few supplement kw and find the same for certain kw whereas for others AC is non-existent: “multivitamin for men” has it, whereas “vitamin d3” does not and only has bestseller :scream_cat:

That’s some wretched bullllsheeeeee…which leaves me wondering does your choice just switch to the competitor or does it drop when amazon is not displaying AC for that particular kw?

weird af

“vitamin k2 supplement” “vitamin k2” “vitamin c” have it

weirdly selective

This Overall Pick / Top Brand Pick thing only went on for about 12 hours yesterday. It’s back to normal.

I’m so tired of Amazon… AGAIN.

Another new ■■■■■■■■ brand launched yesterday in our top niche, at half our price, and copied our entire listing WORD FOR WORD…

SAS says it will be yanked by EOD. We will see.

Yanked for ip violations right? Or is it from wuhan?

Interesting on the OC and TBP - definitely them aiding social proof - the higher the sales and displayed the more social proof it has - the more people will spend on trying to attain it

Our costs have increased triple fold since January since we went OOS for half of March and half of April (CNY and vetting new supplier) - so usually takes me about 48 days to get my acos down with rank and now its probably going to take double that - mind you we are also approaching prime day fiasco and people are trying to maintain their positions full hard re-ta-rd mode


This :arrow_heading_up:

The last time this happened, Amazon did nothing and we had to spend $7K with BlankRome to have it taken care of. Didn’t have SAS then.

I told my SAS manager last night that I wasn’t lifting a finger on this and this is his job and what we are paying a couple grand a month for and he agreed.

We spent almost 2 hours on the phone going over it earlier. I had to go to my Dad’s house because our Verizon ONT took a ■■■■ and they can’t send anyone until Sat afternoon. No internet, no phone, no TV for 3 days…!

Needless to say, I lost my mind on the agent but there isn’t anything we can do about it.

This is the first time in 14 years that we have had an issue with Fios. It even worked during Sandy. Plugged everything into my generator and BOOM - Wifi / TV.

Disappointing and really bad timing. My wife is a teacher and they closed the school because a of a little smoke in the air. Give me a break…

Had to rush her over here (15 miles away), set her up, rush home, grab my ■■■■, and come back to get on the video call with SAS.

Now I’m stuck here because she took the car and went home after the school day ended. FML!

Ok you win bro…you’ve officially got more F’s than I

Hope that comp gets nuked


Just got back online after 79 hours without land line / TV / Internet.

What happened you ask? One of my moron neighbors trimmed my fiber optic cable when they were cutting vines off their fence which has very low hanging cables in it.

What complicated it you ask? 1 block down, there’s a new house being put up. They dug up the main fiber optic cable that services a different area. Verizon thought that was our issue and they messed around in the hub box patching cables that should not have been patched trying to get us back up yesterday.

They came back today and dropped a whole new line bc ours was cut. After it was done, it still didn’t work.

It took 4 hours after the new drop was installed for them to ■■■■ around in this box until they found the right piece of spaghetti… Nice to be back on the grid. Now I have 3 days of work to catch up on, including filing an IP complaint on that listing and pointing out the 10 other violations on that single listing. SAS has it going internally but they want me to do it too and then escalate it back to SAS support to get it shut down.

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It seems one singular advantage that I can see thus far from your specific SAS support is that you can impact ip violations. Which is rad.

Glad you’re up and running brother.


So much for this being what it was supposed to be. Bound to happen I suppose.

Guess they are googling…


There is still a locked thread where you can share away - this one isn’t it


Just woke up to 3 reported events of internet disconnection from my security / camera system in the last 5 hours.

That’s concerning… Verizon no longer works on Sunday’s in our area so nobody was fiddling around in the junction box.

WTF… Might get 2 or 3 of these a year…

The ticket might still be open for our house bc I got a restoration notice, in the future after they left yesterday. Hopefully someone was screwing around testing stuff back in their office.

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Noticing Overall Choice (OC) replacing Amazon Choice (AC) in my niche - it seems OC is just replacing AC so it’s just a change in badging - dunno why moving away from AC with amazon in the name is the move but some genius thunk it. So literally nothing has changed except cosmetics.

Also my impression of losing AC a week and a half ago was because of the AWS issues…

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I’m seeing Overall Pick and Popular Brand Pick which is also classified as Amazon’s Choice on the PDP. Basically featuring 2 top items. I’m a fan. I’m sure it will revert soon because I like it and one of our listings has Popular. That’s the one that toggles back and forth for regular AC with out shady competitor.

This way, we have it either way so that’s why I like it.


Ok looking at mobile buyer app and can’t see AC for kw until you click on the item and then it shows the ac badge which is stupid. I tried deleting cache and memory and logging in again and same results.

Anyone noticing this in their niche?

This is fuqd as it now gives ppc spenders an opportunity to outspend at TOS (still expensive af but folks will do it) with no visual difference in the listings that appear - yes you have organic rank but it doesn’t matter as it carries no distinguishing social proof from TOS ppc sponsored listing.


:grimacing: I have noticed this recently, when using the mobile browser (on phone but not app).

Otherwise seeing just “overall pick” in search results.