Amazon listing changed / hijacked


I have a somewhat complicated situation and any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have been approved to sale brand X (I am not the brand owner)
I have sold their products for years on multiple listings. (Never had any issues)
On one of the listings which I am the only seller on, another seller recently (I am assuming a competitor from a different brand) bought out all of my FBA inventory which caused me to lose the buy box and they then started selling under the listing and in a very short period of time, they were able to change the listing title slightly.

Now I have called Amazon and reported the seller and also asked some questions to seller support.
They have confirmed that I am not the winning contributor BUT they are even though they are not the brand owner…

The strange part is that they were able to change the listing title BUT I have never been able to although I am winning the buy box and the only seller 99% of the time.

SO my question is, does anyone know how to become the winning contributor or know how the other seller was able to become the winning contributor so quickly?

BTW this is a Chinese selling account and I have heard of this happening a lot…all of which are most of the time from Chinese sellers…

Thank You

tagging @oneida_books if anyone knows 100% they would. Do you use Seller Central GUI or flat file/bulk upload to create and edit?

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Did they change it to a different product, or incorrect information for the original product?

We have tried editing through seller central and flat file.

They changed some key words in the title…not a different product necessarily but added some key words that just don’t make sense to the product.

They have not changed the brand then. When I had a page hijacked they changed the brand, product and category. That is what ‘hijacking’ usually refers to.
Do you have a current invoice for the products? If the brand is not registered, seller catalog support should be able to help you if you can document the correct title. Call them, then attach proofs once they get a case opened. Or attach proofs to a current case if you have one and request a call. I have used screenshots of past orders with the correct title to prove what it used to be. And photos of the product packaging, and mfr website if available.

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That’s…a new one to me. Not sure I understand what their end goal is. Glad that @primetime has good suggestions!

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Flat file uploads bypass most restrictions

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And if one gets it fixed, the next flawed flat file upload will change it back again. Truly frustrating.

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