Amazon Made Sales Data Public

Amazon is testing a new product label that highlights how many sales it has had recently. For example, “100K+ bought in past month.” The sales number is rounded to hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands and is capped at one hundred thousand; the time range is either a week or a month. The change is a test visible to some users. Amazon hosts many of those at any given time, and some never make it past the testing phase.

Without reference to other top sellers in the same category, what value does this add.

100+ scalp oil sales vs 1000+ vs 100000+ vs 1000000+.

I just don’t understand the point or value.


Social proof. If a customer sees that a particular item they were looking for sold 100k in one month it acts similar to reviews and collective bias - it must be good if so many people buy it etc. It may not work for the discerning but a lot of these items are impulse buys - so not too much thinking involved.

Also adds pressure to become a best seller - pricing and additionally advertising.


Yeah but its arbitrary. The customer knows no difference between 100 sales and 10000 sales.

Its like if I told you to buy this ferrari because it sold 1000 units last year (for ferrari that might be an amazing amount of sales vs if I tell you it sold 1000 units or 1000000 units) customers have no idea what the difference is.

I guess you can make the argument that in a side-by-side comparison on the search results page the item with 10000 sales is better than the item with 1000 sales. But this takes no consideration of price/quality etc etc. Its just LCD useless mumbo jumbo data.

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Many customers would view 100k sales this month as fabulous and would prefer to see that number than even 500 or 5000 reviews of the product.

I think it is good marketing. Moves the product which reflects the lowest risk of a bad sale.

Price/quality issues are for boutiques not for the mass market.

Another set back for sellers whose products belong in a boutique, or specialty store.

If quality counts, I buy a brand which I associate with quality from real life experience. I buy commodity products when quality is not a key concern.

Incoming shipments this week. A generic supplement. Amazon’s Choice because of its low price. A brand name printer I have owned before. A collectible item, I had examined offer specific photos of. A $5 piece of Chinese electronics which came untracked with free shipping. (Seller shipped over 1k of them).


If Cogs and expenses less the sell price = $0.10 per unit, the hair product would net $10,000.

Now I would be happy at $10,000. However, if I sell 1000 units with a Cogs and expenses less the sell price = $10 per unit. I make $10,000 with less work.

Or if I sell 200 units with a Cogs and expenses less the sell price at $50 per unit I make $10,000. I make $10,000 with a lot less work.

Now I do not know the margins, they have, I do know mine.

Let’s not even think about that item having a $10 Cogs pus expenses. Sell price and revenue are such a trap on Amazon or any channel. It is all about net profit, though very few think about this.


Of course you are correct, but these numbers appear solely to encourage a buyer viewing the page to Click Buy Now.

It might even work for some buyers who are willing to spend $8.95 for a bag of Brach’s Jelly Beans. Though not for me.


I can take a dump in 10,000 boxes and sell them on Amazon.

I get a bonus line 10,000 boxes of S sold

I’m still selling boxes of S.

Item B, does not take a dumb in a box. Sells 1,000. Item B, still a better deal (for most?)

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…and I bet there’s a market for it!


I’ve seen a test going on with a “Frequently Reordered” badge as well.

I like that idea better. Not sure what % you need to achieve to get the badge but it would provide value for commodities like ours if we have it and our competitor doesn’t. Much better social proof than how many units a seller fooled buyers into buying with PPC and lies.

BTW - Walmart has been showing sales for awhile now but I think it’s only on their brands. (1000 bought since yesterday) kind of thing. Different but the same.


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That’d be beneficial to the sellers by being objective information that disincentives ppc.
Even though it would also benefit buyers, there’s sadly no way that amazon would ever stop a policy that promotes ppc. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy that pays them.


Well of course they are only doing it on 1P listings right now and they might promote their products but they sure as hell ain’t paying the fees to.

So you’re right. Reserved for Amazon which is really too bad bc I would bet that we have a much higher reorder rate vs. our competition that sells junk.


…and looking at it from a different perspective —
Actual handmade never has the volume of Alibabacrap. Is HM looking at another nail in our coffin?

As for repeat customers — if they like our work, they usually order a different item each time. Repeat customers, not repeat ASINs.


Of course handmade is Often more of the Boutique or specialty store type item, Not an impulse buy.
Gotta remember that Amazon is the Almost everything place. Just because some new trial or beta doesn’t fit your market, doesn’t mean it is a nail in your coffin. Now perhaps if they suspend all your products just because your Handmade badge displays your home state and that is not allowed because of a sports team, well I suppose that might be more akin to a nail in your coffin because it essentially eliminates all your products from the platform until or unless they fix their glitch.

I agree with those who feel this doesn’t add any real value and that it is just a marketing ploy/tactic. At least it isn’t as annoying as those web sites that start shooting pop ups at you saying so and so just bought one and then another and another. I don’t need notices that random people are spending money it is just annoying and distracting!!! But apparently many people are so hooked on social media that these tactics work to pressure them into buying ASAP.

I don’t see much value to buyers, if anything, I think sellers will benefit from this a lot more than buyers. They can now see how many items their competition is actually selling. Just my opinion though…


Eh… Rank does that and a lot of sellers use Helium 10 and Jungle Scout which gives you ALL SORTS of valuable info on any listing.

As a PL seller, we wouldn’t be on Amazon anymore or Walmart had it not been for that $90 a month for Helium.

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We need a section (unless there is one, should have looked) for reviews of outside software/plugins/etc. There are so many, from low cost to very pricey.


Great suggestion and DONE! Thank you @LR72


Maybe just me but I never go to Amazon unless I’m looking for a specific thing, I never browse for stuff.