Amazon maybe doing something about problem buyers?

Had a customer that placed 5 different orders for the same item over 2 months.

Returned each and every item as “defective” , I won every safe-t-claim and finally got to the last order being returned. Instead of a RFS like the other 4 all of a sudden the last return was standard refund.

We all know I hate Amazon and it’s enabling of scammers but are they actually doing something about it or is this just a fluke?


I would assume fluke as rfs has never been reliable, but we can all hope!

It would be nice to believe buyers have a count of claims that Amazon monitors and then removes some privileges from them.

But is that number 5 or 5000?


I suspect there is a counter and threshold for every form of customer complaint, and this buyer may have exceeded the threshold.

I doubt if any new initiative has begun.

But there is no reason not to hope that Amazon has become enlightened other than the likelihood of being disappointed.

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About half my returns are not RFS, so I wouldn’t read too much into this without a larger sample size.

It would be nice if this was true, and if this buyer did this 5 times to you, they probably are doing it to other sellers as well, but Amazon could be doing anything from trying to protect you as a sellers to trying to reduce the number of SAFE-T reimbursements they have to pay out to experimenting with blind monkeys as a new form of IT support to save money.

None of my returns are RFS. I receive the item back and if it is the actual collectible coin(s)/stamp(s) that I sent in same condition I authorize a refund. If it isn’t the item I sent I state that it isn’t and do not issue a refund. I have been doing it this way for a couple years now and have never had to issue a refund to a scammer.

Are your coins third party graded? That might have an effect.

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Some of my coins/stamps have TPG. I belong to many organizations like ANA, PCGS, NGC, ANACS and many others. I have been buying and selling coins and stamps since the 1960’s. Personally I prefer ungraded coins and a lot of true collectors feel the same way. Graded coins can and are counterfeited and the best defense is years of experience. I have never had a counterfeit claim and hopefully never will. I have never had a RFS…and don’t have a clue why, but then returns are few and far between for me.


We don’t get a lot of returns, but the ones we do get have been RFS, except the last 2. Nothing special about those 2 - not repeat customers, both considerably less than $100. Made us wonder if Amazon stopped RFS. One thing we can count on is Amazon’s inconsistency.


Since the middle of February, half of our returns have not been RFS. I think after a customer has a certain percentage of returns to purchases, the system registers that and they stop doing the RFS.
Since we sell shoes, we had a LOT of returns this year (wrong size, didn’t like color).

Since about December, all of our returns have come in saying standard refund instead of RFS, and I jokingly said it was because Amazon was tired of dealing with all my SAFE-T claims. The funny thing is, some of the returns that say they are standard refund will switch to RFS when the return shipping label is finally scanned.