Amazon Pay button in Shopify Store?

If the Amazon Pay Button is added to our Shopify store and the buyer purchases using this method of payment it appears they can open an A to Z claim just as if the item was purchased on Amazon.
Can anyone confirm, deny or assist with any information?
Appreciate all of you.


The primary Amazon Pay Help Content on this topic is here: Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee for Customers | Amazon Pay Help


wondering if there is a Safe-T Claim option?

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Can confirm. If a Buyer uses Amazon Pay anywhere (including a Shopify site), then they are protected under the A-to-z Guarantee, including the option to file an A-to-z claim.

I never had one, though, when I had Amazon Pay on my other channels (including Shopify).


All credit card purchases in general are protected by chargeback protections, which is actually kind of important for small businesses, otherwise nobody would shop with any of them online.

It’s generally not an issue, most scammers target big box stores for their easy return policies.

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These items tend to also be a good target for scammers.
The shopify store states no returns/exchanges. And the items are clearly tagged stating if the tag is removed the item is now not returnable.
Would a Safe-T Claim be an option?


This is from Amazon Help pages

If Amazon Pay generates an Amazon Order ID ???

@papy … can you confirm if Amazon Pay creates an Order ID for the transaction?

If Amazon does create an Order ID with Amazon Pay, then Safe-T claim may be possible as long as the rest of the parameters are met.
If Amazon doesn’t create an Order ID with Amazon Pay, then a Safe-T claim would not be possible.



The issue is that Amazon Pay is basically an extension of Amazon and their over the top too customer friendly policies.

If you’re using Amazon Pay on your website, those orders use Amazon policies. It doesn’t matter if your policies are more stringent.


Keep in mind when you’re using it as a payment processor they’re not getting their fat 15% fee to pay random problems out of. My guess is any kind of chargeback protection (an A-Z in this case is basically a chargeback) will be minimal to nonexistent.

Also when accepting a credit card, “all sales final” is a bit of a risky game to play. Various banks and visa/mastercard/amex have differing consumer protection policies

This is one of amex’s customer protections:

You can still get hit with chargebacks, just something to keep in mind.

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  • Only refunds that [sic] issued to customers by Amazon on your behalf is eligible for reimbursements [via SAFE-T]. You are not eligible for reimbursement if you issued refund to the customer.

@JustForFunStuff and @Lost_My_Marbles, a SAFE-T claim is the process for when a 3P Seller on the .com marketplace believes that Amazon has refunded a Buyer and/or provided Seller-funded return shipping in error, through the basic Amazon Customer Service channel.

With Amazon Pay, outside of offering the (Amazon) Buyer the option to file an A-to-z Guarantee claim and a separate chargeback process, Amazon does not handle any customer service on behalf of the Merchant (unlike Selling on Amazon). So only the Merchant can offer any refunds, concessions, return shipping, etc outside of the A-to-z and chargeback processes, for an order that used Amazon Pay–thankfully.

An Amazon Pay Merchant can dispute an A-to-z decision just like a 3P Seller can (y’know, poorly and frustratingly).

TLDR: No, Amazon Pay Merchants don’t have access to the SAFE-T claim process because Amazon doesn’t handle basic customer service for Amazon Pay transactions and therefore can’t make errors that need disputing (and that’s not a challenge, Amazon!).

Fun fact: You can’t even search/learn about SAFE-T claims from the Amazon Pay accounts in Seller Central. No results. :open_mouth:


@JustForFunStuff did you end up adding the Amazon Pay button to your website?
I’ve been thinking about adding this payment option to mine. I’m wondering if it will help bring down abandoned cart percentages, as customers wouldn’t have to enter in shipping and billing information and make the checkout process quicker?


We are debating this as well.


I will say that (for me) having a PayPal option certainly increases the likelihood that I will purchase, donate, or join.

…so I’m certain that Amazon Pay does the same for others, and I included it as an option on my website (plus PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay).


I’ve been doing some more reading on the Amazon Pay help site. You can probably quickly clear up one of my questions: Are the deposits/payouts from Amazon Pay orders totally separate from regular Amazon payouts?


Yes, a separate transaction and can be sent to a different bank account.

I personally never had a situation where my Amazon Pay funds were held in reserve or held at all, due to any issues with my Amazon Seller account.


Decided against doing this.
Most of the items on that site are a higher price point. They are sold as “not returnable” however involving Amazon would more than likely provide return opportunities for these very sensitive items. Not worth the risk.
I don’t believe any sales have been lost without adding it.
There are many other options to pay safely (Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay) which don’t offer the same level of liability.


Even though the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee for Buyers (link, Amazon Pay Help Content) is different from the standard, I’m constrained to think that you’ve probably chosen the wisest course for the goods in question.