Amazon Poll "Amazon is a brand that aligns with my business' values

I stopped taking these years ago. A complete waste of time, though I have nearly taken this one several times when I see it.

Seller Poll
Amazon is a brand that aligns with my business’ values

  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Neither Agree nor Disagree
  • Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree

My gut selects strongly Disagree, my stomach wants to be nice. So it wants to select something neutral like Agree. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

My reasons to “Strongly Disagree” we are a family company. A few family members related to each other sharing toilet paper. Also others, including long term team members, also sharing toilet paper.

We also use interns that too share the toilet paper. Over 50 in 30+ years when I look at the payroll report. They are also family, some have gone on to be amazing people, others we don’t know about but they were outstanding when part of our team.

Why do I Strongly Disagree?

When the interns are interviewed. An odd process they work on the first day, at the end of that day they decide if they want to stay, and the team decides if they want them. I pay them cash, or if they want to stay I contact the payroll company.

They are told;

  • Family First (same thing for team members)
  • School Second (for team members lifelong learning)
  • Extracurricular and it is what they pick sports, scouts, church, just pick two (same for the team, life is not about work)
  • Then work
  • Last is play, and at times they mix that up, I understand

Before everyone’s eyes glaze over, you know, like the sellers asking for help, that never put in a paragraph…

I can not imagine Amazon having the same rules that we have for our young adults and our team.

So no Amazon does not align with my business values.


Amazon is a brand that aligns with Amazon’s business values.


Can I move there and work for you? This sounds like an amazing workplace.


Are you hiring? :pleading_face:


I strongly disagree, which should not surprise any of this group.

I wish I had as noble a reason as @Image does. But my reasons are closer to rude and crude.

They are not transparent in their dealings, and not credible in their utterances. They have no concept of value, financial or human. And provide treat everything they sell and all of those they deal with as fungible commodities.


After what I just witnessed Amazon do last week with reinstating ASIN’s I proved without a shadow of a doubt were recycled and falsely claimed to be made in the USA (really made in Wuhan China) - I strongly disagree and voted as such TWICE.

All Amazon cares about is money and will align with those that make it for them over integrity, safety, and everything else that’s good.

Ugg, don’t you just love the sellers with USA in the seller name. Yet we make some claim on our Brand Storefront, and the world comes to a grinding halt.

Yet you indicate they are allowed to lie, cheat and steal. Having spent quite a bit of time in the region, it is the culture.

Wuhan was all over the radio tonight on the way home, as it relates to the COVID issue. It appears the WSJ came out with a story exposing Wuhan as the source.

So since I don’t follow all your ‘published works’ are you saying that these supplements were;

  • Recycled
  • Made in Wuhan, China but labeled as Made in the USA
  • And an item that people put into their body?
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LOL. Like we didn’t already know this.

I think we are going to get the ruler for this correspondence from our leaders here. Yikes :mask:


I agree, but was doing my best to not go down a political path.

Yet I will say, China and it’s people are not the only ones allowed to lie, cheat and steal.


Oh, like Catholic school?! Not something I had to go to, but my partner did have Sister Mary Discipline as a teacher.

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This is the heartbeat of international economics.