Amazon PPC on mobile

I am currently running PPC ads that appear in the top position on a PC for several keywords, specifically in the very first spot (for about 30 keywords). I’ve verified this by clearing cookies and search history and using secret mode. I’ve also checked on a different computer. However, my product ads are not showing up anywhere on mobile devices, regardless of the keyword. This situation seems unusual. Does anyone know the reason? Thanks.

Amazon has been doing some very weird things / testing the last couple months and it ranges in the following ways:

Incognito (desktop)
Signed into a prime account (mobile)
Signed into a prime account (desktop)
Buyers App

You may have a different experience on all 6 for the same search. This goes for organic rank / PPC ads AND Amazon’s Choice - (overall pick) / (popular brand pick).

It’s enough to drive an insane Amazon seller crazier - believe me…

Hoping for some stability sooner or later because it’s very hard to manage an Amazon business with all of this testing going on…

In other words - what you are seeing is the new normal and there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it…

Good Luck,