Amazon Removes 30 Reviews In On Go - Refuses To Explain

Below is a weekly count of reviews for a product. Amazon refuses to explain why/how 30 reviews disappeared all in one week. The upswing in reviews followed by an equal downswing makes me think that Amazon does not understand seasonal products and the waves of reviews that result from the natural “seasonal use”.

Seems like around Jul 28 you received a bunch of fraudulent reviews

Without those your review line would be a lot more natural

Seems like Amazon did right here. Your product most likely got hit by a scam review team, those teams probably spam reviews on random products so that their paying customers get reviews from more legitimate looking accounts.

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No, our product is agricultural and highly seasonal, so we expect a wave of reviews in late summer, when people start to harvest crops.


I noticed that too, but we would need to see previous years’ charts in order to draw any conclusions.


It’s still HIGHLY unusual that you received 40 reviews in 1 week, and the week before you received like 5 reviews, and the week after you received maybe 10. Even for highly seasonalized products, eg. halloween, people might order everything in 1 week, but reviews are usually spread out over time as people leave them at their leisure. If it was a season effect I would expect your chart to look something like this

That spike on Jul 28 just screams review manipulation, likely the work of bots.

If you have a way to see the reviews that were removed, take a look at the text, they’re probably AI generated.

A batch of reviews could have shown up not only due to a seasonal factor for the product but also if a product was a topic of conversation within a certain community, or if a niche influencer raised awareness. If @packetfire did a sweep using Amazon’s “request review” button, that could also lead to a spike.

Like maintak @TheOrangeCrush said, there’s no evidence of any review manipulation without more data, like the product’s reviews over seasons, info about ads running, any external promotion, etc–especially because the review spike was actually over several weeks.

:confused: It’s not reasonable to ASSume that anything nefarious happened to gather @packetfire reviews in the first place, just because Amazon has deleted some.

@packetfire one explanation for the review disappearances could be if those accounts were deactivated or removed by Amazon for reasons that had nothing to do with your product, their review of your product, or their purchase with you.

Honestly, I almost wonder if those accounts had MasterCards… :woman_facepalming::grimacing:

I also wonder if Amazon batch-deleted older reviews or global reviews, or if someone created a black hat variant and somehow took some reviews with them.


That chart is a running total of the reviews. So all the reviews came in during the Jul 28 - Aug 4 time period, and then those reviews (or at least an equal quantity, if this is some strange coincidence) were removed during the Sep 22 to Sep 29 time period.

The Aug 4 - Sep 22 time period received new reviews at the approximately the same pace as the rest of the chart

My question here is simple - if the 30 extra reviews were bogus, how did they not affect the overall average rating of the product? It has been at 4.4 the whole time.

If the reviews were simply spam reviews to pad the fake review accounts’ histories, they wouldn’t attack you with 1 star reviews (which would draw attention to those accounts). They probably left a mix of reviews that are similar in rating and content to your existing reviews, which wouldn’t impact your overall rating.

You weren’t necessarily targeted here, it could just be a side effect of a fake review/brushing scam.

It looks suspicious if their products are all being bought/reviewed by brand new accounts, so they build up some account history by buying/reviewing other people’s products.

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But hold on there… if “brushing” is to be used, this requires that the bad actor order the product, have it shipped… somewhere, and then file a review.

We’ve gotten no email from anyone saying that they got our product, and our website is on the label, along with some very specific hazard warnings in bold print, so people getting our product are not contacting us, but just shrugging and doing nothing, because it is Amazon, and everyone has an attitude of “learned helplessness” with Amazon?

If I got something random from Amazon I wouldn’t think twice about it or try to contact anyone about it. Would probably just double check that I received everything I actually ordered to make sure they didn’t send me a wrong item in lieu of a correct one.

Also I don’t know for a fact what happened with this case, I’m just pointing out one possibility. The review system is a massive massive target for fraud and there’s people who work full time to figure out how to abuse the system.

Do you have any way to see the reviews that were removed? That would give a lot of insight into what the problem was.

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No, I’m sorry, I did not think to make any sort of “backup” of reviews at all. The only thing I have is the records kept by the “SellerSonar” app, which does a decent job of monitoring the listings, sending alerts when something changes, and tracking things like this.

@packetfire can you search your emails to see if you received any notifications like this?


@packetfire see below. @TEXASEXILEBOOKS might have your answer.