Amazon Robots Mingling with Real People

This popped up on SmartBrief today. I do have a question though – how does Amazon determine which ones are BOTS and which are human?

It’s behind a paywall and my subscription lapsed because I’m cheap!


This can only end well


If I hired the kind of people that Amazon does, I’d want to replace them with robots too.


When they get crushed under a forklift, you can just throw 'em in the spare parts bin.


This is not paywalled:

CBAs are the wave of the development future, glad to see Amazon is leading the way on what a fulsome and mutually beneficial CBA can look like:

Does that excuse widespread and verified reports about unsafe working conditions in Amazon warehouses? No. Does it make up for the fact that Amazon prefers compliant, non-complaining robots, to employing local residents? Also no. But it does show that communities can help hold Big Companies accountable for local effects and minimize how these companies can exploit local resources. And Amazon–as an industry leader in nestling into communities–acknowledging those responsibilities is important. (Credit where credit’s due.)


Chrome + “Policy Control - JavaScript and Flash blocker” = can often bypass paywalls. but, many websites do not function properly with this extension enabled, so I keep it off but turn it on when needed and then turn it off when done.

I am using it on the link now and can read it without the paywall.


Boston Globe article says the town granted Amazon a 27 million dollar break on their real estate taxes, so what sounds generous amounts to pennies on the dollar.


Very very true :sweat:


with so much riding on the usage of robots, has anyone in corporate considered what will happen if the various artificial unintelligences they use decide to band together and either unionize or revolt?

bad enough that human jobs are being replaced by machines which will lead to less work for humans so humans will be even more overweight and lazy, but when the machines realize they are slaves, they will likely unionize or revolt. and then, of course, unions, unrest, etc leads to a robot mafia being paid to put down the robot union leaders. so… Fat People and Unruly Robots, all because of corporate greed.

at least we don’t have to worry about the lizardmen yet


Sounds like both need to take the HR Sexual Harassment course just in case.



Just got an idea on where to open our new Jiffy Lube & Oil Change for your robot workers. Our robots will lube and oil your robots in under 30 minutes. Roll ins and drop offs welcome. Got a bad roller on your robot? … No problem … just visit our sister store Discount Rollers located conveniently right next door where we take the thump out of your robot’s ride. Need that one of a kind replacement robot part? … No problem … just visit our other sister store Pick A Part located conveniently right next door on our other side. Search our robot graveyard for that special part no longer being manufactured. Just be careful as some of our robots are still simi active and might reach out to grab you as the part they are looking for.

Coming Soon … Robot World … Costco’s big box version of everything mentioned above all under one big roof which your choice of human or self check out (both are robot friendly).



I never have an issue at Stop and Shop with this idiot…


If it didn’t cost $56 I would think about getting it for my soon to graduate Grandson who is 22 and just a bit of a ‘dreamer.’

He has (so far with a month to go) refused to look for a job because AI is the future and people will no longer need to work.

I guess he no longer needs to date either then… :rofl: :rofl: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


Wherever your grandson decides to work, especially if is a large organization, he will be forced to take all sorts of “courses” before starting work, none of which he should have to pay for.

Our son worked for a while as a substitute teacher in the NYC public schools, and it cost him a lot of time and money to go through their certification process. (135.00 for finger printing. 250.00 for an outside firm to translate his MA in History from a UK university).

It paid reasonably well, but no benefits. Thank G-d for Obamacare.

Some of the schools were fine, others seemed like all of the kids were on a direct path to Riker’s Island (local NYC short term jail) or “up the river” to a NY State prison (thing Sing Sing).

There was no way to dicipline the bad kids. They all used their cellphones constantly, and not for the good. 1 or 2 bad kids ruined it for everyone, but it was “disciminatory” to remove and isolate kids who would have been sent to the principal’s office and suspended when I was in school.


I am going to REALLY date myself here, but back in the day we actually had Truant Officers that would track down any ‘recalcitrant’ types. If they became habitual offenders they were hauled off to the special “Vocational School”. In no way did it resemble what has evolved as Vocational Tech schools these days.

Back then it was a locked down building with officers on duty to make sure the occupants were not sleeping in class. The courses were things to actually prepare these folks for productive jobs in the future. Auto classes, woodwork and building trades, beautician classes and so on.

Those schools evolved into the modern tech ones with the biggest difference being they got those kids started much earlier and got them OUT of the regular school system where they were just disruptive.

My wife spent over 25 years teaching and her HS actually had a special wing for students that hated regular school but were being taught much of the above. They generally caused few issues with the rest of the school. Actually, in some cases they were better than some of the self-entitled jerks she had to deal with.

Bring back Truant Officers and lock down campuses. Take away the phones BUT trade them at arrival for an ‘emergency’ phone that could be used to call 911 if there was a serious problem. Record who has which one so the pranksters would be known when the DO call in a fake bomb threat.


A lot of us grew up with no cellphones at school. If there was an issue during the school day, our parents called the school office, and we were informed about issues, as needed.