Amazon Shipping Double-Talk (Increasing Shipping Cost)

"I wanted to inform you of an important change that will be implemented in our shipping process, aimed at enhancing efficiency and aligning with our new pricing strategy.

Effective Monday, 1/29, we will be modifying the Dimensional Weight (DIM) value for shippers currently operating with a DIM greater than 300, adjusting it to a new value of 250. This change is part of our continuous effort to optimize our shipping operations and pricing structures.

We understand that changes like this can be concerning, but we want to assure you that this adjustment is expected to bring about a more streamlined and cost-effective shipping process for all of our shippers. Our goal is to improve the overall shipping experience without negatively impacting the volume of shipments you are able to send with Amazon Shipping.

We value our partnership and are committed to supporting you through this transition. If you have any questions or if you observe any significant impact on your shipping volume due to this change, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you for your understanding and continued cooperation. We look forward to a continued successful partnership."

Just another great example of Amazon double-speak. Only Amazon would increase your shipping costs and then tell you that shipping will be more cost-effective. I have asked for clarity on the mental gymnastics of this one. Lets see what they say…


Has anyone had positive experiences with Amazon Shipping? I’ve seen only reports of negative experiences on the NSFE; of course, those are the ones most likely to get reported.


Expected by whom, based on what knowledge?

And if things don’t go as expected–and the process is neither streamlined nor cost effective for all shippers–what’s the plan then?

I expect the plan is to carry on anyway.

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Something I do not know, and may probably need not to know…

But DM for Fedex, UPS and Amazon is 139, and USPS is 166 (I think).

So what is with the 250 and 300 above? Care to explain?

LTL Amazon Freight?


It’s not a complete lie. Making the DIM change allows them to hike rates only for specific people (who are actually causing the additional expense for Amazon) and not across the board.

It’s like the set of new FBA fees that take effect soon, it more efficiently allocates costs to the sellers who generate those costs instead of applying an across the board increase to everybody. And it provides the sellers who create those costs an opportunity and incentive to reduce those costs.

In this case, it will encourage some sellers who have products who’s packaging that can be DIM optimized to do so.


In all honesty, yes. As much as it pains me to say it. This time around (3rd round for us) has been nothing but smooth and cheap.

In comparison to UPS and FedEx, Amazon has everything over them. To start with they are cheaper. Not by pennies but by several dollars, or more depending. But typically $2-$3 minimum cheaper per package for us and it goes much higher.

They have an amazingly easy claims process for any items under $100. Cant say that about UPS or FedEx IMHO.

Additionally, every single delivery has a photo and GPS location attached to it.

Better tracking than UPS/FedEx. No missing scans. No packages not getting scanned in until they reach the destination state (happens all the time for us with UPS/FedEx)

I can go on, but you get the jest.


Amazon DIM is/was 300. They just changed it. Now its 250. Still really good IMHO. 300 was nice, but figured it would not last.

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Is the calculation as follows ???

(H x W x H) / 250 = DIM

And this would be the Amazon equivalent of USPS cubic?

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I don’t think 250 is gonna last either, UPS/USPS been doing this a lot longer and determined that 139/166 is the “correct” amount figuring how much space is worth how much weight.

Glad to hear that it’s working. As I suspected, it’s only the bad reports that get posted.

Personally, I’ve had it offered only a couple of times; since I sell only books, it’s hard to compete with Media Mail.


Yeah we still have a decent amount of USPS that goes out as well. Can’t beat 1st class either.

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Well, our UPS Surepost DIM is 300 for packages under a certain size.

For UPS Ground it is 200.

Everything is negotiable if you have the volume. But, you are probably correct I am sure it won’t last forever. Just long enough to suck up as much UPS/FedEx volume as they can.