Amazon sues sellers for issuing bogus takedown requests on competitors

Mar 30, 2023 from The Verge
Amazon has filed three lawsuits against groups that it claims were abusing its takedown system by filing thousands of illegitimate copyright complaints against other products in a bid to get people to buy their merchandise instead. In an announcement on Thursday, the company calls the lawsuits a “new offensive against bad actors.”

To the organizers of the “Card Catalog” I think we need a “In the News” Section if this sort of thing is allowed to be posted. Note, I did provide credit, and did not post the entire story, but did provide references.


From the announcement:

Defendants in the lawsuits registered with Brand Registry and then created fake, disposable websites, with product images scraped from the Amazon store, to use as false evidence when making thousands of claims that selling partners were violating their copyrights.


Accordingly, the true identities of the individuals and entities that do business as Dhuog (collectively, “Dhuog”) are currently unknown to Amazon.

Well that’s just great :woman_facepalming:

Amazon’s subsequent investigation of Dhuog’s voluminous complaints showed that Dhuog’s claims that its intellectual property rights had been infringed were false. It revealed that Dhuog had created Google Docs documents, copied, and pasted images from existing Amazon product listings into these documents, and then submitted URLs to those documents as identification of the purported copyrighted works Dhuog claimed to own.
After Amazon learned that Dhuog had abused the notice-and-takedown process by deceiving Amazon, Amazon blocked Dhuog’s Brand Registry Account. In doing so, Amazon protected its selling partners, customers, and Amazon’s reputation. Amazon also restored product listings that had been taken down in the Amazon Store in reliance on Dhuog’s deceptions. Amazon blocked the Defendants’ corresponding selling account as well.


Three AM EDT when I found this. We also created a new offensive against bad actors. I instructed our inhouse chief engineer to make sure we always create our new products first on our own brand websites.

We need a paper (electronic) trail to prove what is our own Intellectual Property.

I will say with Amazon, we have gotten sloppy, creating catalog pages first, and our own webpages second.



Should anyone be shocked that AMZ is playing stupid? :roll_eyes:

Meanwhile Back On Earth…*Dhuog’s 200 other sock puppet accounts are either operating at full capacity, or they are in the launching pad waiting for operational sock puppet accounts to be discovered and deactivated. The Circle of AMZ Life :man_facepalming:


Accordingly, the true identities of the individuals and entities that do business as Vivcic
(collectively, “Vivcic”) are currently unknown to Amazon.

What again was the point of Seller Verification?

That Defendants be required to pay all general, special, and actual damages that
Amazon has sustained or will sustain as a consequence of Defendants’ unlawful acts.

“or will sustain”? :thinking: I wonder if perhaps there is arbitration or an actual lawsuit pending or underway that Amazon thinks might not end favorably?


Excuse me!!!

What about the fact that Amazon EMPLOYEES accepted the bribes and participated in these crimes.

They contributed to this conspiracy to attack good wholesome sellers on Amazon.

And I will note, the truth is the best defense for slander and libel.


Or more lies until you believe your own lies, so then it becomes ‘your truth’.


This is probably true for most bad actor sellers.

I would bet there is. I do wonder if that is what it takes for them to stop the AI control and act when situations clearly are wrong.

I still have not gotten my listing back up after two false trademark complaints by the same entity. The violations were cleared but I’m in a circular hell with support over getting the brand and category corrected. I keep getting replies that the brand owner controls the page - the false accuser’s brand.


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