Amazon Thinks That the Seller Refunded The Customer When THEY Did

Amazon seems to be confused, yet again.

They auto-refund the customer, and then when I apply for relief, they claim that I refunded the customer, in error.

One could make the argument that Amazon is trying to reign in losses with safe-t-claims and A to Z claims by trying to pass what should be covered under policy as seller issues.

With both of these … if we were a betting person, we would bet that Amazon is on the path to revise policy on both of these programs in 2024.

If one compares this “glitch” to what was happening to listings and attributes in early of 2023 and then looked at the current changes that have been rolled out with listings and attributes in late of 2023, one could easily make the argument that these two policies (safe-t-claim and A to Z) will be revamped by summer of 2024.

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Amazon (auto) refunded the Buyer in error from Seller funds, but when you try to open a SAFE-T claim for reimbursalfrom Amazon, it claims that you are not eligible because you (not Amazon) refunded the Buyer…correct?

Unfortunately, AFAIK, you will have to open a case, asking SS to confirm that order ### was auto-refunded by Amazon but with Seller funds and is eligible for a SAFE-T claim.

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yeah, trying to convince them of this, a difficult battle, one I can only prove by an utter lack of communication between buyer and seller.

Here’s the LATEST excuse:

“A SAFE-T claim is eligible to be filed only when a Prepaid Return label is issued or the order was fulfilled as a part of the Seller Fulfilled Prime program.”

Can someone more experienced tell me if this is the truth? I thought I could file a SAFE-T Claim for ANY auto-refund.

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If I may, what happened that Amazon auto-refunded without providing a prepaid return?

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Apparently, it was a refund without a return, I need to look into it further, but is this expression of “policy” correct?

Are you set up for returnless refunds?

If you are, then I think you won’t be able to open a SAFE-T claim for this order. In the same way that you can’t refuse to accept a valid return, you can’t refuse a returnless refund (assuming it is still in the return window, etc).

If Amazon refunded this order without a return for some other reason, then you may need to open a case with Support if they refuse to allow a SAFE-T claim, but the issue there would be that they never should have been eligible to refund without a return in the first place.


I have been suspecting this also! The INR coverage was my incentive to use Buy Shipping, their ‘hook’ for participation. Might be time to get my shipping elsewhere if they keep denying claims or discontinue that benefit.

As for the Safe-t-claims, if those are discontinued we officially have no recourse on auto-authorized-auto-refunded returns. That’s very bad.

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I can’t speak to Seller Fulfilled Prime return policy; but the first part of that statement is true for merchant fulfilled. Only an Amazon provided Prepaid Return label will trigger an auto-refund (on first scan).

Was it a true auto-refund, or did the buyer get a refund from contacting buyer support?