Amazon's 'Report incorrect product information' actually worked,

I am amazed. It hasn’t worked in years, in my experience.

But I tried agin last night. One PDP had what was clearly a picture of the wrong book. I reported it. I checked this morning, and it had been fixed.

Someone at Amazon is still doing their job, and is helping sellers.


Must be the AI

No, I’m sure it was coincidence. Or zombies or something. Yeah zombies. That’s much more likely.

Holy Carp (sic)! One I did on the .ca platform was fixed too (after I canceled the order because the title and picture did not match). Zombies do good work.


And just like that a new streaming series was born … “The Sitting Dead”

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And in the “Horror at Amazon” series, we will see “Zombies vs Bots

I’ll be rooting for the zombies.

I expect that we will see more zombies working at Amazon. They don’t need bathroom breaks, nor do they mind if a part gets run over by a forklift. ( “Didn’t need that foot anyway”)