Amazon's Vow to Stop Squeezing Its Sellers Was Fake, Says California's Lawsuit


Anyone here surprised by this?


Not one bit


This reminds me of Amazon getting legally slapped in Europe and being forced to tell sellers why they have been suspended.

Thus was born Section 3.

You have been suspended for violating Section 3.

Which basically says – at great length – you aren’t supposed to do anything wrong. Don’t do this, or this, or this, …


The absence of the “price parity” clause did not mean that sellers were free to price as they choose.

There is no proof that “price parity” violates US antitrust law and hurts consumers. No matter what the government of California chooses to believe.

They will need to convince the Supreme Court, since the 9th Circuit’s decisions are the most likely to be reversed by the Supreme Court. And assumes they will convince the 9th Circuit.

Making the change reduces the differences in the BSA between the US and other Amazon marketplaces. The EU marketplaces are rapidly become down right unfriendly to Amazon and Americans, and there are always American politicians who want to be more like Europe.

If you have to look over your shoulder at the American Legal system, you probably need another source of income.

Sadly, this will go nowhere just like every other “action” against Amazon.

Not sure how they do it but they are really good at it…

On a different note, was reading about the demise of Bed Bath this morning and a familiar face was involved there. Sue Gove…

That witch was hired by Nature’s Bounty to sell off the division I worked for which was ultimately bankrupted. She’s exceptionally good at destroying companies. Our case was a little different because we were at our peak of profitability when she rolled in with her wrecking ball…

It amazes me that corporate America is full of people just like her that get paid untold amounts of money to do the worst job possible…

It’s funny because I read an article last week that quoted her name as Sue Grove and I thought - Nah… Couldn’t be. Should have googled it but then again, this mornings discovery opened up old wounds that had since pretty much healed.

After she ran away with all her money, they brought in another so called expert that had a bunch of bankrupted companies in his rear view mirror as well (most notably Toys R Us). He passed away 2 years ago of brain cancer so I would talk ill of the dead.

His magic trick was to get product and not pay for it. LOL. Terrific way to do business. I was the face on the other side of those 19 contract manufacturers that I moved 684 bulks to in under a year, away from Nature’s Bounty manufacturing. We had a 3 year supply agreement with Nature’s Bounty while we move everything away from them that had to be accelerated because he wasn’t paying Nature’s Bounty either…

I got totally screwed and was asked to lie about when these contractors were going to be paid (they weren’t). That’s when I left with my integrity. One of those contractors is now my business partner.

Sorry for the off topic rant. In one of those moods today…




Bed Bath and Beyond was beyond turning around when they launched their turnaround strategy with their new management. Amazing how easily some people find they can con “big money”. Who would want to believe that private labeling cheap Chinese excrement would be a successful strategy?

Got to be as dumb as a lot of Amazon sellers, or former Amazon sellers, or going out of business Amazon sellers.

Thought about TRU today when I thought about BBB’s BuyBuy Baby (and then BRU).

I guess Target, Walmart, and Amazon fill the niche adequately enough? Maybe Costco?

Amazon took out TRU and BBB without question.

I used to love the BBB experience but it changed about 4 years ago and I never went back even through I have one about half a mile away from me or did…

Sears was the anchor of that center and obviously we knew what happened there so that strip mall has been dead for years. Target is moving into that space but they have had nothing but problems with their building permits with the town which is really a shame. The town would rather tie up Target with a mile of red tape then allow them to open up and save the center and all those jobs. There are a few small businesses in that strip that didn’t survive. It’s a ghost town now.

Sears - Gone
Models - Gone
Bath and Body Works - Gone
BBB - Gone!

It’s actually going to be a 3 story target which is rare. CVS was supposed to take one of the floors with a shared Starbucks but that fell apart leaving Target with the entire building.

They are finally actively working on it again. Hoping to be open for Q4.


This was a failure to adapt IMO.

Sears was the Amazon of Mail Order. Sears could have pivoted quickly to Online, but they didn’t, and when they did, it was an open marketplace like Amazon is now, but it was a MESS.


Both of my In-laws were Sears lifers…

Just glad they didn’t get screwed out of their retirement programs.


Yeah, it was amazing that Sears refused to simply take their print catalog to digital. The higher ups must have truly believed that the internet was just a fad.

They also could have been the early adopters of buy online pickup/fulfill in store. The infrastructure was already there.

And Amazon needs to adjust too: there are many times I wish I could drive to one of the several Amazon fulfillment warehouses here in Indy to pickup my order rather than wait for it to be delivered.

Yeah, that would have been 20+ years ahead of it’s time, not sure I can fault them for that!

Was meant if they had survived a bit longer by making the initial change of catalog method.
Fry’s Electronics (though now out of business due to not enough people building their own computers) was doing online pickup/fulfillment shipping from their stores (there was one in Indy and I saw employees doing the fulfilling) before COVID made that “common” for groceries and places like Target.

You forgot Ben Franklin & Woolworths

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There was a Fry’s 2 miles from my house, and it went out of business because they sold cheap crap and when it broke/malfunctioned, it was next-to-impossible to get a refund or any concession at all. Anyone with any knowledge about Fry’s and their products would say, “Stay away.”

Micro Center sells a lot of DIY computer stuff, and their business is booming. So booming that they don’t even do mail order. The difference between Micro Center and Fry’s? Quality and customer service.

The big building that was once Fry’s is now an Amazon warehouse. Oh, surprise.

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Sears was no longer a retailer. It was owned by a real estate firm and retailers bought by real estate developers always fail.

The same owners killed Kmart.

Another real estate operator killed both Allied Stores and Federated Stores which were conglomerates of regional department stores.

Expecting them to pivot to online had no chance in hell. You couldn’t buy, sell, lease or mortgage real estate if they were online.


The same year as Sears said “mail-order is dead” and shuttered their catalog division, a guy named Jeff Bezos…


Back in the 1980’s I was hired by Sears to come in and set up the West Coast satellite tv sales/installation department. I noticed that all the full time employees were at least a supervisor or higher up in management. The workers at sears were all part timers. Talk about a management top heavy corporation full of bosses everywhere. Needless to say they were a day late at getting in to the satellite tv market. It only lasted a couple more years before Direct TV and Dish TV came about. I even had to go back to work at a real job…lol