[AMZ] Custom products no longer eligible for returns



I was under the assumption that custom was never eligible for return, minus the few times Amazon made a mistake and said they were.


I suspect that items through official Amazon Custom were non-returnable but not customized items through Handmade or otherwise? Hoping this clarifies that.

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I believe Amazon is merely removing the ability for a buyer to request a return and will only leave the buyer the option to file an A-to-Z Guarantee Claim for their order.

Any none of that prevents refunds, correct? Except when Amazon grants premature A-to-zS.

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That was what I thought.

Perhaps the official policy said “no return” (unless the seller made an error), but Amazon never backed it up. And now they have something set in the system to prevent the return request from completing?


Correct, no auto refunds. Currently, no auto refunds on custom. Only by AtoZ claims or seller initiated.

We sell an assortment of different custom items. All custom items were excluded from auto-returns but the buyer could request a return.

Amazon policy has always stated that an item which is inscribed or customized cannot be returned.
But the buyer is protected for defects, delivery damages (fake or real), and seller errors. I really hate it when a buyer claims a “fake” delivery damages and now they no longer need the customized item. But that is for another topic.

I have replaced many items damaged in shipping. Many items with an unknown defect underneath that was overlooked before customizing. And even some that we just made a mistake. (very rare)

I have succesfully defended numerous claims. It is almost a copy/paste format similar to how Seller Central replies to me.

Currently, if an item has a custom textbox field it will be part of the Custom Orders category. These items are all custom orders. If the buyer has an issue they “could” select a return request and provide their reason. We normally close the request but provide our reply to the buyer right before closing it. Then they file a claim and we reply and win. Pretty easy. FYI: Shipping damages and defects are handled differently.

But overall, if you do your job right. Amazon does have your back. The wording in Buyer/Seller messages is most important. The only thing Amazon can see is the order and messages. We have the Amazon provided buyer proof on the order and an actual image of the custom item.

Now, on Feb 15 we will loose the heads up notification for a return request. Instead, we will have an AtoZ claim which basically reduces our reply window time in half without a return request to prepare. I guess that is called progress because it removes a step. But that step probably provides me with coffee and a break too.


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