[AMZ] Get exclusive control of your generic listing product detail page

What is this new Generic policy?

If you try to edit or add offers on another seller’s generic product, you’ll receive an error message in feeds or in the one-to-one listing process.
You will then be guided to create a new product in the Add a Product tool.

So there will now be hundreds more pages of the same generic item?
What am I missing?


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Amazon’s never-ending quest to destroy its Brand Integrity in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar?

The News Headline-accompanying NSFE discussion has already begun to blow up:

https: //sellercentral.amazon.com/seller-forums/discussions/t/09f7d8f4-fe41-4de8-b21e-f05e76b91939?postId=489eee88-b95a-4cc5-8831-fa0aee6d5700

This is Amazon’s fix to all of the sellers who have complained that their Generic listing has been hijacked because some other seller has either made an offer or is using the listing as a shirt tail way of getting a similar (or even different) item listed. There have been cases of Generic listings being taken over by another seller and then that seller has been getting everyone else kicked off the listing because they have a brand. We know … a head scratcher but has happened.

This does pose the most interesting question … create a Generic listing and no one can list on or mess with the listing but create a Brand listing and anyone can list and mess with the listing?

The Amazon dike has to many holes and too few little fingers to plug the holes.

Edit … umm … can’t use that word in context … The Amazon d-i-k-e


Yes, d_ike is interpreted as d_yke by Discourse’s default filters.

Amazon actually fixed that for the OSFE when I raised an objection a few years back (much to my surprise).

A few days ago, I was browsing Amazon for a backpack…and then realized that there was a filter on the left side I’ve never seen before (not the most detail oriented person here, but still, I use Amazon a lot and never seen it). This new-to-me filter was something like “popular brands” and “our brands”. I selected “popular brands” and only well known brands were shown on the results.

When I selected “our brands”, the results page transformed to Alibaba-land…but no generics. Only the assortment of imaginary brands we all know.

My point being, yes, it looks like Amazon decided to open even more the catalogue and give free reign to everyone and their sister to list whatever they want and pretty much have exclusivity to their own mess, but “generic” items, as far as I can see, are being slowly pushed out of search results. (at least on the category I was looking in).Not sure who’s the mastermind behind this new “feature”, but I particularly, wouldn’t dare to create a “generic” listing.

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It’s crazy to think that by listing an item as ‘generic’ one would finally be able to get their proprietary product gated… something small brands have been trying to do for years.

This is going to make searching for items a total disaster with thousands of duplicate listings.

Amazon is removing a practice which could be looked upon as predatory by some regulators and humans and creating a new group of people to buy and bid up the cost of advertising.

Everyone is trying to cash in on the advertising gravy train before it crashes. The Instacart IPO used planned advertising revenue to justify their price.

No cost to Amazon. No more inconvenient to buyers than it already is. Levels the field among failing sellers.

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What it really should be, is once a Generic page is created, it can’t be changed, period.

If it’s “generic” anybody has the right to order the product from china and send it to the ASIN.

Anyone who can’t be bothered to register a trademark doesn’t deserve any kind of protection, legal or from Amazon.

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The products I encounter are actually branded by a well known brand. Sellers just call it generic and no one can jump on their listing. Grossly wrong but very effective use of this tactic. RA sellers love this

Well, that’s a policy violation to get around gating restrictions. That one’s been going on for a long time now.

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Not until now could it be used to give you exclusivity on the listing - which is my point.

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…and now will be completely protected in doing it, even though what Amazon might be trying to achieve is some protection for brands who are not yet BR but might want to shift some ASINs under the brand when they are. But RAers will take every advantage and continue to mislead Buyers.


The fallout from this brain dead decision by Amazon is going to be wide ranging and affect thousands of sellers that have no idea of the chaos that is coming.

I caught this one on the NSFE today and it would appear to be the future for Amazon issues!

“As the title says, I cannot restock an item ASIN: B08LN9CXT9. While not showing a brand, it says it now has brand listing $brand. Help desk isn’t sure what this means, chat help assures me that I can send the items in (I cannot). I was asked to apply for Amazon approval again.”


So WHO will control the ‘generic’ ASIN and be the ONLY permitted seller when there are currently more than one listing? The one who created it who might no longer even be selling it? The low price seller? The one with the best ‘score’ on Amazon?

Or, just as likely, the one with the best bribery scheme?

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The shoe drops at night:

https: //sellercentral.amazon.com/seller-forums/discussions/t/0e524dd8-4faa-4bff-8991-4d99fe266c51

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Everything is fine

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