An inside Job is what's happening in the Amazon admin community. Im willing to bet my life savings on it.

  • An inside Job is what’s happening in the Amazon admin community. Im willing to bet my life savings on it.

No rant with the word “sheeple” in it is ever worth reading.


We live in a time when record numbers of people are paranoid.

Maybe they have a reason to be, maybe not. Unfortunately, few have enough information to make judgements.

Definitely plausible… not going to bet my life however. :grimacing:

Amazon has silos, and I’ve watched Silo season 1:

There was definitely sheeple and shenanigans in that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I kept wondering where “the mines” were… I mean really how much farther down were those? Are “the mines” really like going to “the train station” in Yellowstone?

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Small note, I appologize for the suffeling around of threads in NSFE Talkback today, I accadentally merged the wrong two threads and realized it later and have now corrected it. So if you see Locked, merged, unlocked:

Sorry, that was me.

It is the way.

simply sad…Amazon has grown too big for it’s britches.

I remember meeting an employee on the train in Seattle and she knew Matthew the admin in Handmade back when we all got started there. Matthew got a promotion (he told us that), but she shared the SAME news and told me where to.

I also remember being able to TALK to handmade sellersupport…and of course, I started the chit chat… There were 8 at first,all in Seattle. Then it got subcontracted to employees in Costa Rica. In handmade we could actually get the SAME person to handle our cases. We had that private area to help each other WITHOUT the fear of being humiliated with a stupid question in the General forum…and now…here we are.

Back under my rock, I go.


While I am not handmade, my division also had a VERY SMALL support group of about 10, all in Seattle, and we actually had a phone number we could call. It was very nice. Rarely used it cause didn’t need to. Back in the days!

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That thing reads like it was written in crayon on both sides of 47 sheets of paper ripped from a spiral-bound notebook by someone who looks like they combed their hair with an angry cat.

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