An unhappy new seller

He posted in the Handmade group, don’t kniow if s/he is handmade.

Extremely Slow Sales
Hello, I an wondering how long do it usually take to start receiving orders after putting account in the active status. I put my account in the active status over a week ago yet I am not receiving any orders. I offer free shipping and I pay for advertising. I am not happy now because I have expenses that need to be paid.

Rose’s reply:

Hi @townsend,

Thanks for the post. Can you share the case id that you opened with Seller Support.

Thanks in advance.


I love how it appears she doesn’t read the info from the poster. She does this quite a lot.

Unfortunately we all know there is no proper hard answer to this question.

And this clearly shows rose didn’t read the post


Townsend is indeed a long-time Handmade Artisan, and a member of the Amazon Custom Program as well, with a Posting History which stretches back to @ least as far as 2017 or 2018.


Rose is hardly alone in enjoying such a distinction among the members of the FMT (“Forum Moderation Team”), or those of their AHT (“Account Health Team”) colleagues, the SMEs (“Subject Matter Experts”) - but she does seem to exhibit a disturbing pattern of a failure to read for comprehension.

I suspect her heart’s in the right place, but her head’s in the flighty & frivolous clouds of dreaming up the next inane “Question Of The Week” for her ‘Engage with Amazon’ efforts…


All most of them, and lets face it most seller support does is read the title and/or first line. Otherwise TLDR

I thought I recognized the handle, but that’s a strange post for a non-new person to make. Perhaps someone else got that user name in the NSFE?

Poster says they just made the account active. Maybe they turned things off for quite some time and are just getting back to it. If it has been long enough, we know how things change at Amazon. What used to be easy peasy is now a nightmare.

Maybe, but I doubt it - looking into their Posting History (most of which inhabited the formerly-inaccessible “Closed” Handmade Forum of the OSFE) seems to reveal a bit of cluelessness in certain regards, with which the leading lights of that fora (like you, Wade, MollyBrown, AndThenSome, OtisPotus, Image, Switch, Doily, Celtic, Baer, Meredith, et. al) tried mightily to help over the years…

Ah that makes sense…