And the award for the poor bastard of the day goes to......

Who gives full Admin access to anyone??? OMG… UGH!

URGENT HELP!!! 3PL vendor terminated and removed my permissions from my own seller account.

I had a 3PL vendor helping manage my inventory acquisition and FBA and ended the contract. Before I could remove them from my account, they went in and removed my permissions to my own seller account. I now have not access to look at inventory, sales, reports, users, or even create a case with seller support.

I can’t find a number to call for help and I can’t create a case to get help - Can someone from Amazon seller support please help me! I’m afraid my vendor is now taking my funds and my inventory as well! I can’t see anything and can’t access my own account.

Please help!!! URGENT!!!

Yikes yikes yikes :grimacing:

What level of permissions are needed to post on NSFE?


“manage inventory acquisition”

My guess is this is some company in China managing shipping product from the factory to FBA. No way would a US company hijack someone’s account because they’re ending the contract. You’d get the hell sued out of you for that.

Assuming there’s any truth to this story. There’s so many levels of stupid here it’s unbelievable.

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Good question… You do need to sign into your account to post so now I’m wondering: :arrow_heading_down:

I’ve got a few outsiders on my accounts for various reasons. We trust them and they need access to do their work. With that said, their permissions are very carefully limited to what they need access to and that’s it.

The only way this could have happened to this person is if they checked off “Admin” on all categories of access on both “Manage Permissions” AND “Manage Global Permissions”

The VA may have done them a favor because if they were foolish enough to do what they did, they never had a chance at being successful on Amazon anyway. Just the way it is…

And I bet the 3pl is over seas and they don’t have any contact info other then a WhatsApp number.

Yeah it’s hard to believe that someone gave them full permission like that when they had the mind to create a separate account instead of just giving them access to the main login.

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My thoughts exactly! I would not be surprised if this was a Youtube tutorial about inviting a vendor from another country to use your account to make you a millionaire and sh*t hit the fan.

There has to be more to this story though, I don’t think you can remove permissions from the account’s primary account manager. When I look on a secondary account I see this.

“This is the primary account manager account for. This account has all rights that apply for, and those rights cannot be removed.”


So it’s basically some attention seeking idiot who made the whole thing up.

The whole thing didn’t sound quite right from the beginning.

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I don’t think so; I’m fairly certain that this person probably fell for the “passive income preachers” spiel, and hired a VA in expectation that it was the path to riches.

I base that presumption on their (admittedly-limited) posting history in the NSFE reproduced below =

First post, 6 months ago:

The ever-helpful SAS member @Medic tried to help, and the AHT SME Emet_Amazon weighed in after that as well, but the discussion was closed by the FMT/CMT with no reply from the OP.

Their 2nd post, made 3 weeks ago, attempting to get the attention of the FMT/CMT/AHT by piggybacking on a long-dormant discussion:

Compiled with the evidence of the third & latest New Seller Community post which you linked upthread, I harbor little doubt that this is not a fabricated tale - merely evidence of a clueless Newbie-wan Kenobi bedazzled by guru bullshít…and based upon what I’ve seen in similar circumstances over the last few years, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that one of the deadly-insidious Pakistani VAs was involved.