Another horrible change that still doesn't work properly

Remember when order cancellation requests were easily dealt with in the messaging system.

Then Amazon changed it.

Post here: Update on upcoming changes to buyer-initiated order cancelations

It’s still not working 100% a year later

You’re still getting requests from customer’s directly in the Amazon message? We haven’t gotten one of those in a long time. Amazon sends us a direct email with a link to cancel the order. Maybe its a very, very, very slow roll out, lol.


Could be difference in cognitive ability between your customers and @Sundance’s…

:thinking: Maybe, there should be a license and exam before people are legally permitted to get on Al Gore’s Information Super Highway…

I can assure you our customer’s will not be joining Mensa anytime soon.

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These messages are being create by Amazon Customer Service.
That all start with…
We’ve been contacted by a customer regarding the order identified below.

Why can’t they just give THEIR customer the steps to cancel an order or have the ability to click Cancel Order themselves.

And even though the message says “Cancellation request” the orders do not say “The buyer has requested that this order be canceled. Canceling this order will not affect your cancellation rate metric.”


Training customer service is too expensive.

When all the humans are replaced by bots, the we can blame the problem on lack of human intelligence to train the artificial intelligence, or may the AI will read the linked update.

Wasting 3P seller time has no cost to Amazon.

Many Amazon buyers are already programmed not to shop elsewhere. If they did, all of the retail arb sellers would be former sellers.


Like the Beach Boys said,
wouldn't it be nice


Training customer service is too difficult when trainers and trainees have a limited understanding of the English language.


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We just had a cancellation this morning! Appeared through our business email, so we knew to go to our manage orders and cancel.

AMZ no longer limits cancellation by buyer to short period of time. Far as I can tell, w/ the new system, buyers can cancel until seller confirms.

I thought this was always the case. Buyers have 30 minutes where they can cancel wihtout the seller needing to do anything. Once the order is out of pending they can request a cancelllation up until shipping is confirmed.


I ignore all cancellation requests that show up in the order scroll feed. We do not really look at that at all. It was a stupid change and I refuse to acknowledge it.

I think there is a limited window of time for them to “automatically” cancel it themselves without seller involvement (basically before the order gets out of pending status.) Once the order is out of Pending they require the cancellation go through the seller before Amazon will officially call it canceled, otherwise there could be buyers “canceling” orders after they are shipped and I definitely don’t want that. Now I know for many of us, they could simply tie it to when we print out postage but that doesn’t work for people who wind up buying their postage in person at the post office and then coming home to enter the tracking numbers.

The fact that plenty of customers will still refuse to put in the cancellation request through their Orders page and simply go to buyer seller messaging OR they call customer service to cancel the order and customer service simply sends a message through buyer seller messaging instead of doing it through the Orders page… Oh well.

Now several weeks ago I actually got a phone call from a buyer needing to cancel an order. Seeing as I had not gotten the message about the order yet (half the time the app nor the text messages make it to me) and I was dealing with family medical appointments that day, I had not shipped out the order yet so I was happily able to tell the buyer I would cancel the order and he would not be charged. Now if the App or text message had come through that morning, the order would have been shipped out on our way to the medical appointments and the buyer would have been returning the product to me I guess. So I’m quite happy to have saved on the shipping.