Another new dog page

I received another notification of a deactivated listing. This time it was for a Mary Engelbreit sewing pattern. Apparently her products are now considered trademarked and fall under intellectual property. This one is now a “Discontinued Listing” but as usual, Amazon does not explain why.

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Amazon is pulling all kinds of nonsense on listings.

We are in toys and Amazon removes listings all the time.

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Amazon has driven all of the sellers who sold in the Advertising Collectibles category off the the site with actions like this.

Coca Cola Collectibles for the Atlanta Olympics were among the many catalog pages removed.

1930’s Pepsi soda fountain glasses, ditto.

In Entertainment Collectibles, anything Paul McCartney, Richard Prior or Barry Manilow.

And these are just a trivial number of examples, that come to mind quickly.

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I’ve been fighting about 4 everyday “BOTS GONE WILD”

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Is it possible that a date was entered for the Offer End Date field on the listing?

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It is possible, but also possible that when the page was skunked the offer end date was changed. Been seeing indications of Offer End Date passed on pages which I know there was no offer end date, since I created them.

And there is a reason

Amazon wants to clear the competition but cannot afford to given 60% of sales are from third parties.

So they push off the one-off items with all kinds of nonsensical excuses.

I give Amazon 5 years and 90% of today’s sellers will be gone. Ebay did this nonsense years ago

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Wait, I’m confused; Mary Engelbreit has always been trademarked. :confused: The company formed in 1982. She is still alive (only 71!) and kicking, too!

Maybe the company has recently entered Brand Registry and is removing non-standard or non-authorized ASINs??? Here’s the Store:

Was the ASIN properly branded? Was it licensed? Here’s their resale info: Sell ME Products | Mary Engelbreit Store.

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The Amazon link to the Mary Engelbreit store is now a dog page too. Maybe she has decided that she no longer wants her products sold on Amazon.

@papy Here is the pattern in question:

This is an out-of-print pattern. In the lower right-hand corner, it says © Mary Engelbreit Inc. 2001. McCall’s is a big pattern company that has been in business for a long time. I’m sure they went through all the proper channels and had the legal documentation to use her name and designs. Thousands of these patterns were printed. Although my pattern is unused and uncut, I listed it as “Very Good”, not “New.”

I’m not sure what is going on with this company and Amazon.


It was live earlier, so perhaps I messed up the link? :woman_facepalming::sweat_smile: Try this…


:confused: Yes, I’m quite familiar with McCall’s and agree with you.

Can you share the ASIN? Perhaps it was not set up by McCall’s and so not properly branded to avoid deactivation. Or perhaps McCall’s let their license for this put-of-print pattern lapse. Or–most likely–ME has simply determined that out-of-print products are unauthorized for listing on Amazon.

I am very sorry that an ASIN for Used offers was deactivated. And even sorrier that your offer was affected when you did everything correctly.

@papy I was able to view the second link. Thank you.

The ASIN is/was: B000WCLHKI

The funny thing is, the pattern is listed in my Listing Quality Dashboard. :smile: It wants me to make two improvements, Product Description and List Price. List Price is easy, but what about the Product Description? If I fill in the product description, will the dog page be removed and the offering be restored?


It’s still on the .ca website… wonder why it is okay there, but not the .com… (unless it is because it says NOT discontinued on .ca?)


@SA_FL There are three copies of the pattern listed on eBay. It sounds like the issue is just with Amazon.


Amazon does not want 20 plus year old stuff on their site, especially stuff not sold as new.

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I disagree. About one-third of my sales are from sheet music, much of it vintage. In the past couple months, I’ve sold several pieces of music that were 80-100 years old. Why? They were the only copies available. There are music-loving buyers that seek out old sheet music and I’ve met quite a few of them. (Note the player piano as my avatar).

As for the sewing pattern for the girl’s dress, that pattern could still be used today especially as a flower girl’s dress for a wedding. Some people don’t want to pay the sky-high prices for a dress that will be worn only once. Making your own saves money and with the right fabric and styling, the dress can be worn again.