Any gamers out there? (Diablo IV)

Figured I’d ask here - I played the diablo series since the first came out in the 90’s when I was at college.

If you’re interested in playing/grouping, my battletag is DerekNJ#1513

If anyone’s on the fence about buying it, it’s both fun and nostalgic. Got through the campaign so it’s now easier for me to play in short spurts since I’ve got a 6 and a 10 year old that invariably interrupt any gaming session attempts.


My wife is due in a couple months so I can’t afford to get into a new game right now. I still boot up D2R when I have a few minutes.
How did you like the story?

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Story was good, cutscenes were great. Lots of nostalgia for D2 gamers - some characters reappear and some bosses as well. Campaign was roughly 3 hours per act (and there’s 6 acts.)

They’re also clearly planning for multiple expansions with the way it “ends…”

Also, I’m surprised there’s still inhabitants of Sanctuary that think doing anything with a soulstone is a good idea. :rofl:

Edit: Also, map is absolutely massive.

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Congratulations! :tada::baby: Though I’ll say, new baby time is actually a pretty great time to get into something new, as long as you can do short spurts and walk-away-come-back a lot.

I read the LOTR trilogy the first couple weeks home with newborn kid 3. By that time, I knew I would have some down time but no energy or interest in cleaning or actual opportunity to really sleep, so I just read and read.

Of course, I was a nursing mom recovering from a harrowing childbirth in that scenario, not the diaper-and-baths (two hands!) dad.

But day-um did Rowling steal a lot from Tolkien! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


“Rakanishu!” and secret cow level for the win.


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Dammit. Now I have to buy it.

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Butcher also makes appearances. It’s a random dungeon event and he (usually) one-shots the whole party, just like back in the day.

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