Any Poshmark sellers here?

I’ve been selling on Poshmark for several years. I make and sell mostly handmade jewelry and keychains. I also resell jewelry and keychains I don’t make. I provide the option to decorate the keychains.

I obtained the status of Poshmark ambassador last week. I haven’t found all the perks yet. To be able to do bulk uploads via spreadsheet instead of doing things one at a time is very helpful.

I pick up a couple of sales a week. I work from a computer, not a cell phone or tablet. Posh makes it look so easy to list closet clean outs.

Not a seller yet, but I should be. Eager to hear about your experiences. I tried selling one item on RealReal, but it did not go well.

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I like Poshmark. I make a few sales, about 1 every 2 weeks. Please take my less than positive comments as regular seller kvetching. I

It’s kind of a pain in some ways.I have to regularly share and send sales messages from time to time. It should be done multiple “shares” per day. Attend online “parties”.

New people have to make listings one at a time. There’s no provision for a bulk upload. Unless you have an inventory management program that interfaces with it, You’ll need to pay a 3rd party for bulk upload.